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Men I have loved...

It's Sunday and I feel like a picspam. Behind the cut you will see some totally gorgeous pictures of some totally hot men. The captions tell you what I love most about the photo.


Alexis Denisof...

Designer stubble.

Ben McKenzie...

The whole thing, but mostly the eyelashes.

Chad Michael Murray...

I'm not sure.

The gratuitous nudity.

Elijah Wood...


Eric Bana...

The wrinkles around his eyes.

George Clooney...

I love the lighting in this pic.

Heath Ledger...

God. The way he's looking at me.

And again.

Hugh Grant...

His tired eyes.

Hugh Jackman...

The way his obviously lovely personality shines through.

Uh, two kinks of mine: spread legs and wet.

Jared Leto...

Prettiest photo I've ever seen of Jared. It's the eyes that make it.

Half naked and wet.

Grubby, unshaven and pretty.

Jared Padalecki...

The smile.

The hair!


The crotch.

Jensen Ackles...

Just a wee pic, but I love it to pieces! That lopsided smile kills me.

Nerd!Jensen. The specs.

The droplets of water glistening on his bare skin.

Um. I can't choose. The guns, the hands, the blood, the dirt, the smile, the hair. It's ALL GOOD.

Joaquin Phoenix...

The hands. And the eyebrows.

The stare.

John Cusack...

The fact that he's reading with a gun in his hand.

Johnny Depp...

The hat.

I don't actually fancy Johnny, but I think this photo is completely awesome.

Joseph Gordon Levitt...

Arm, and hands. And hair. And the expression. And yeah, I love him so much.

Belly hair!

I'm sneaking in a couple of caps from Mysterious Skin. This is JGL making out with a man.

And here he is about to fuck him. *drool*

Josh Holloway...


Jude Law...

I hate Jude, but fuck he looks good in this pic. The whole thing is my favourite thing about it.

Keanu Reeves...

The weird perfection of his face.

Wet and from a truly great, great film. Where he's wet a LOT. (Point Break for those who don't know)

Keanu and some guy. Being gay!


Michael Rosenbaum...

The smile the smile the smile.

The insane prettiness of Mikey, and the spread legs.

Owen Wilson...

I don't care what anyone says, Owen is a fox.  I love everything about this pic.

Paul Walker...

Self explanatory.

Tom Welling...

Uh, EVERYTHING. The smile, the hair, the clothes, the crotch, the belt, the arm, the lighting. It's basically the perfect photo.

Oh my Clark. Jeans, arms and mouth.

Viggo Mortensen...

The cheeky smile.

The hand.

The way the pic makes me feel completely happy.

Vince Vaughan...

Dude.  I've gotta go with the mouth in this one.

Wentworth Miller...

The open shirt.

My current favourite photo. I even made myself an icon from this yesterday because I was so enamoured with it. His face is just so fucking perfect. GUH.

Who did I miss? As always, pics are most welcome in the comments.
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