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You guys dont even know this but I post drunk all the time. And I comment drunk. For future reference, if I'm posting or commenting in the evening, it's safe to assume that I'm drunk.

My weekend

No one came home last night which meant I had the house to myself, and this, to me, is a good Friday night.

Sunny weather! I spent the middle part of today on the balcony, reading parts of Lanning's Identical series. I've never read this before because I totally suck! (OMG. It's the most romantic story I've ever read in my whole life. The dialogue! The true love! The plot!) And I got sunburned unevenly on various parts of my body. My thighs are burning, and not in a good way. I am very fair skinned and I always forget that I burn really easily. I'm out in the sun looking at my glowing white legs, saying, "they don't look burnt" and then, an hour later I'm all, "OW". *weeps* The masochist in me is very happy right now.

Then I went to Brixton and said goodbye to Angela and she was giving away lots of stuff because she's leaving London, and I now have lots of new clothes, including two beautiful, perfectly fitting dresses! Which I can wear to balls and weddings! This is cool, because I don't have a lot of dresses because I tend to spend all my time in jeans and trainers but yay! Dresses! And they look totally hot on me! Or, at least, they will when my ridiculous sunburn fucks off.
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