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A grumpy moan

We have plumbing problems. Both of our toilets broke down last night, and then water started pouring out of this pipe into the downstairs neighbour's courtyard. A LOT of water. ALL NIGHT LONG. I therefore, didn't get a lot of sleep, because this was happening outside my window and it was loud. I feel bad about the wastage of water, given the current drought situation in London, but also, it'll cost us a bomb, because we pay for water here. 

Juliet and I, as it turns out, are useless in situations like this. I'm something of a tomboy, but when it comes to plumbing or anything electrical or technical, I am *all girl*. I spent much of yesterday evening staring at the water and asking questions in a high pitched voice, like, "where's it coming from?" "Is this an emergency?" "What should we do?" And Juliet's answer to all of my questions was, "I have no idea."

We bonded over our combined hopelessness though, which was nice. And we decided it would be best to wait for Pete to come home and deal with it. He is much better than us at that sort of thing.

Anyway, this is not what my grumpy moan is about, but it may explain why I'm so grumpy.


You've all seen the cover right? Kinda nice I guess, and yay that it's the boys, but how old are those pictures? I'm not that impressed with it.

But what really set my teeth on edge is the rumours about the extras, found here.

I know we'll get more than two commentaries, but the only ones mentioned are:

-Commentary on the episode "Thirst" with executive producers Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Ken Horton, and producer Steve DeKnight
-Commentary on the episode "Splinter" with writer Steve DeKnight, actor James Marsters (Prof. Fine), and director James Marshall

WTF? For a start, why Thirst? I enjoyed it but it's not one of the best episodes of S5. As Becky pointed out to me: "i mean, if Kreuk and Tom were doing it, then fine, it'll be funny" but no. It's AlMiles. The thought of them wanking over how foxy Lana is in Thirst makes me physically SICK. They're so fucking creepy with their obsession. I would be totally excited about a Thirst commentary if Kristin was doing it. Now, I'm pretty sure I'll be avoiding it.

This brings me to my second problem with these commentaries. Why haven't we heard a peep from Tom or Michael for years? Are they too big and important to do commentaries now? I don't know whether to blame them or not, but it's just so unfair. I get the feeling we (the fans) care more about the show than the people *making* the fucking show. Okay, it's been five years, but still. I don't want to hear Al or Miles talk about SV. They're fuckwits and I hate them. I want to hear Tom and Mike talk about it. 

Obviously we'll get a commentary with Reckoning, but mostly I want one with Vessel and I want it to be just Tom and Mike and I want them to be funny and cute and affectionate with each other. 

What are the odds?
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