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Physics! And a poll.

You remember aelora posting about that hilarious thing Bryan Singer said in an interview about Superman:

"flying around the Earth would cause time to go backward, when really if you stop the planet that would just basically cause everyone on Earth to fly off."

Well since then, I've been going around and asking everyone: if the world stopped spinning would everyone just fly off into space? And I swear to god, 90 percent of people thought about it for a second and said, "yeah, I reckon they would." Not dumb people either.

Now, I don't know crap about physics, but it all seemed a little ridiculous to me, so I decided I needed to ask someone who actually *knew* the answer, rather than people who were just guessing. Naturally, I called Lex (yes, for the new people, I have a best friend called Lex), because Lex knows everything, and he said, with much authority (I'm paraphrasing because my memory sucks):

No. Gravity isn't about the rotation of the earth, it's to do with the earth's mass. In fact, the earth is slowing down and in a few million years it will come to a stand still. People will not fly off into space but half the world will be in constant darkness and half the world will be in constant light. Byran Singer is an idiot.

So, assuming you're still alive in a few million years and you have to choose where you would live in this new fangled dayless/nightless world, which half would you choose?

Where would you live?

I like the nightlife (I like to boogie).
I like sunbathing.

Alright, unless I'm being a dumbass, why the hell can't I post polls using IE or Firefox anymore? I had to download Opera because it doesn't support the rich text editor, which you can't actually turn off anymore if your browser *does* support it. It kept telling me that my poll needed at least one question and that was very annoying because clearly it does have one question. *glares at LJ*
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