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I love me a good ol' fashioned disaster movie.

Good Health

My week of heavy drinking continued in style last night, and I'm in no danger of slowing down, what with taking Kirsten out for a farewell drink tonight, then meeting partner in crime, Hilary, for more drinks and hopefully a discussion about our impending trip to New York. Yes, that's right. New York. (OMG I'M SO EXCITED I COULD HAVE A STROKE). And given the Irishness of Hilary, I can't see an early night on the horizon. *pets liver*


Watched a really great movie last night: Volcano. God it was good. Anne Bilson, the film critic in the Sunday Telegraph's brilliant TV Guide, described it as "sumblimely silly," and I have to agree. Because a volcano erupts in the middle of Los Angeles and Tommy Lee Jones has to save everyone. OH YEAH. Even Anne Heche, who normally annoys me, was cool, as the sassy seismologist. Rampant heroism and the ruthless determination of Mother Nature, lava flowing through the streets of Beverly Hills, dogs being saved, black and white folk working *together*, mildly terrifying, in a - Holy crap! Eep! Oh NO! Ouch! Get the hell out of there! *wince* - kind of way. AWESOME.


I love House so much. I LOVE HIM. I really don't understand when it became okay for me to think about a man in his fifties *naked*, but I keep doing it, and it's not creepy at all, oh no. It's HOT. If I had to choose between House and Jack from Lost, I think my head would explode. Then I'd be all, I can't choose. Both of you come here to me.


There are people in the world who have a tendency to shout when speaking on their cell phone. It's like they lose the ability to control the volume of their voice. It's like they suddenly forget that they're in a public place and that strangers can hear everything they're saying. It's like they're afraid the person they're talking to won't be able to hear them unless they talk *really loud*. It's like, totally annoying and embarrassing.

I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. *hangs head in shame*

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