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Every weekend should be a three day weekend.

It's Monday and I'm on holiday! YAY!

Anyway, I'm going to surprise you all by posting about... wait for it...


Don't judge me, but I decided to watch Spell last night. Then I listened to the commentary, which I hadn't bothered with before.

Naturally, I wanted to see Tommy half naked, bloody, and in chains. It's true that the episode is one of the most embarrassing they've ever made, but that part of it will never get old. Also, the Clana kiss in it (or rather the Clarkobel kiss) is totally hot. I love how Clark, despite being tied up against his will, doesn't remotely try to resist; he just kisses back and looks aroused. GUH.

Anyway, the commentary:
  • Erica Durance seems kind of dumb (but sweet).
  • Allison Mack is loud and talkative and nice, if occasionally a little boring.
  • Kristin Kreuk is freaking AWESOME. She's really funny and cute and I like her a whole lot.
  • They laughed a lot at Clark, and how Clark is the only guy in the world who wouldn't be happy to have three foxy girls dressed like sluts turn up at his party.
  • Allison says, "Tom's always wandering around set saying, 'Clark's an idiot. What the hell is he thinking?'"HEE!
  • In fact, they rave about Tom a lot. How good he is at playing awkward and just how good he is in general. He's clearly very well liked by everyone.
  • During the infamous Clark Dancing in the Barn scene, the girls all dissolve into fits of giggles. Erica says "Tom plays the loser like nobody else", then Kristin says, "Because Tom's a great dancer. He's a really excellent dancer." WOOT!
The thought of Tommy being a great  dancer has consumed me. I *really* want to see him dance now. I'm a giant sucker for men who can boogie. If they move well on the dance floor, you know they're going to move well in bed. Rhythm is important when it comes to fucking. Right? RIGHT. And thank GOD his dancing in Spell isn't a true example of his skillz. I also love how shameless Tommy is. How he doesn't mind making a fool of himself.

This, of course, reinforces my theory that Tom isn't a vain man. There's no vanity in his performances. He does whatever the script calls for, and if it calls for him to make a fool of himself, he does so with gusto.

So yeah, Spell is a terrible, terrible episode, but I kind of love it anyway because Tommy is fabulous (and MUSCLY).

Tags: actor: tom welling, tv: smallville
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