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Oh how I love you, Friday.
Firstly, norwich36’s party is STILL GOING. We’ve passed the 1000 comment mark which is just so completely awesome. Well done SV fandom! ROCK ON!
slinkling has now completed Naked Clark on Naked Lex on X, which might well be my favourite thing of all time.
We now have hard proof that Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Michael Rosenbaum hang out in the gym together regularly, posing. Plus, Jared always wears a tank top. I can die happy now. ETA: Here's the proof for those who don't believe me.
I read this morning in the Metro the funniest, cutest thing ever about George Clooney.
George Clooney has revealed his modern-day acting hero is Hugh Grant. “I can’t find a bad film of his at all.”
*dies* Um. I will always always love Hugh Grant because of Bridget Jones’s Diary and About A Boy, but pretty much all of his other films suck ass. I love George.
And now, because I had such fun talking with icons yesterday and then I thought a lot about icons last night, I want to know this. Which icons do you have that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to give up? Not just because you love them, but because they’re an integral part of your LJ identity. They’re a part of your SOUL. I’ll go first, but then you have to tell me yours, with an explanation as to why. Don’t pick any brand new ones, because really, how can you know that the brand new ones will stand the test of time?

 by timeblind
Amanda Seyfried's performance in Mean Girls is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Normally, I don't find stupid characters all that amusing, but her timing, her line delivery, her buckets of charm and her extraordinarily expressive face makes me love her more than anyone else in the film (and I love everyone in that film). This icon is just so funny. There's no two ways about it. This is the icon I bring out whenever I've been super clever about something.

 by tehjules
I really don't think an explanation is necessary here. I mean LOOK AT HIM. This is one of the sexiest icons I've ever seen.

  by justabi
I'm slightly cheating here, but I honestly can't imagine giving up either of these ever. I just, has Clark ever looked more beautiful than in that scene? And of course, the icons themselves are marvellous. Abi told me it took her ages to get the rain right, but wow, she did an amazing job.  *loves*

 by smallvillefan90
I'm a huge fan of the Welling smile, but this smile? It's like the biggest, most genuine grin in the whole world! It fills me with absolute joy every time I look at it. And his hair! Oh my Tommy. I love him so much.

 by voldything
Uh yeah. Muni made a bunch of gorgeous icons from her incredible undermistletoe manips (if you haven't seen them, GO. GO NOW.) and this is possibly my favourite ever manip. Clark's jaw, the closed eyes, Lex's mouth and perfect profile. It'll never not be hot and sexy and beautiful.

 by kho
This one was made for me because I begged for Clark pornstar icons and Kelly used one of the best Tommy photos and I really love the font and he's so pretty and it's SO TRUE. He IS a pornstar. And I will never ever give this icon up because it pretty much owns me.

 by cappragraphics
I used to have this Maggie kiss by a different icon maker, but I replaced it because I like this icon more. I think all of you have probably been kissed by me/Maggie at some point, probably a lot, and if you haven't been, you will be soon, I'm sure.

Okay! That's me. Now it's your turn!
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