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Smallville Party!!

The brilliant and wonderful norwich36 has a SV party happening in her journal today! 

*shines shoes*

If you’re new to the fandom, or if you’re old and just love fresh blood, get your butts over there and mingle. I plan to hang out there all day long and flood her inbox with so many comments she’ll be forced to ban me from her journal.
*combs hair*

I’m going to publicly embarrass Norwich for a second by telling you that if you’re in SV and you don’t have her friended then you suck. She’s the kind of fan that makes our fandom work: she’s super smart, dedicated, writes kickass meta, has read EVERYTHING, has the best recs, and is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest people on my flist. She just organised the amazing SV Feedbackathon (Dudes. She wrote me feedback in haiku form yesterday. \o/) and now she’s having a PARTY. I love parties!
*sprays champagne*

Note to Norwich: it’s your birthday next month and I’ll write you whatever you want. Name your pairing, your most secret of secret kinks, whatever. I’ll write it for you. (If you choose Lex/Lionel I’ll never forgive you though.)

*boogies hard*
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