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Tommy pretty.

Go and do this poll about the hottest teevee kisses of the past season. I highly recommend downloading the clips that go with the poll too. I started my day watching five totally sweet makeout sessions and picking the one that turned me on the most. That's my kinda poll.

I watched Lost last night. I'm liking Michelle Rodriguez a lot I have to say, and for some reason I find it hilarious that she's just been done for drink driving and will have to serve prison time.

About yesterday's poll. Most of you think that Tom is vain and spent hours on his look. WHATEVER. I really doubt he cares enough to make the effort. I mean, it's common knowledge that he hates those publicity events, so to me it makes more sense that he accidentally looked that scruffy. Almost all of us would still fuck him, regardless. (SHOCK!)  And actually, most of you like the look, and more of you are indifferent to it than dislike it. INTERESTING.

You want to know some of my favourite Tommy looks?

His hair! Look how amazing his hair *can* look, when it behaves itself, and is the correct length. Jesus. He's perfect.

I really love Tommy in blue (and it helps that he has his hands between his spread legs. Yes it does.)

Exile. His look in Exile is without a doubt, the hottest ever look ever of any man ever in all the world. EVER.

It's also quite a gay look. But he looks so fucking hot in black it's a shame they're determined to dress him in a red jacket all the time. (One day I'll write a love letter to that red jacket. It'll go like this: Dear Red Jacket, You would look better on my bedroom floor. Love Kate.)

Hello. Not only do we get to see him half naked and with the fittest fucking body he's ever had (GOD) we get to see him having an orgasm. THANKS SMALLVILLE. It's shit like this that makes me love you forever.

I just adore this shirt on Tommy. 

Yes yes yes, we love the suit. But what really makes this look work for me is the loose tie. It's the horniest thing I've ever seen and I don't know why.

UM. I have no words. How does he make that suit look so good? It's probably the hands.

Yes! Tommy in black! With stubble! And fabulous hair!

I can't stop looking at his crotch. Also, any time he smiles I'm going to love the look.

So there's a few of my favourite looks. Now you post me yours in the comments. If any of you have a screencap of Tommy from the S5 SV credits, please post it. I *love* that shot of him. I die of lust every time SV starts, purely because of that shot.

Gosh, I'm feeling frisky now. I think I need to go and read some porn.
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