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voldything posted about the Superman movies the other day and I realised that I had no memory of them at all because I only saw them once when I was wee, so I headed over to Amazon and bought the box set of all four movies. I just watched the first one and am giddy with glee.

Muni, you're so right about Clark being the nicest, kindest man ever. I love him so much! I want them to show us more of that side of Clark in SV, I really do. Because whatever Clark's faults are (and I know there are a lot of people who think he's an asshat on SV) he's still a wonderful person. In the film he's so good natured, so funny, so happy. I love the way he *enjoys* playing the bumbling fool when he's Clark, and he has *fun* when he's Superman. Supes is a ladies man, who flirts his ass off with Lois and he's completely charming and a total showoff. I actually burst into tears of joy when he caught the helicopter.

And Lex. OMG. There is NOTHING not funny about Gene Hackman's Lex. EVERYTHING he does and says is hilarious. I love Lex! He's the happiest villain in the world. He's all, "I am the best criminal ever. It's so much fun being bad. I totally rule." I think I was laughing constantly through all of his scenes. And the wigs! *dies*

I want to watch Supes 2 now because I can't remember that at all either, but I really have to get cracking on my story.

*psychs self up for impregnating Lex*
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