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CW photos. *shakes head sadly*

I can’t leave this alone because my entire flist is having kittens and picspaming and it’s like you’ve all gone blind or something because only me and slodwick have actually noticed that the CWB boys have *never looked worse*.
What a pleasant surprise! My flist isn’t entirely shallow!
In fact, you’re so devoted to your favourite honeys that when they roll up looking like they couldn’t get laid in a brothel, you all have orgasms.
I admit, there’s something terribly horny about the obvious fact that they were so happy to be together that they stayed up all night getting hammered, and yeah, I love how Tommy is like, the least vain beautiful person ever, because okay, my boy looks like he’d be more at home out on the street begging for change.
Sign reads: “I used to be a model. Desperately need cash for a hair cut”
Kate stops and squints at him dubiously. “You were a model? Really? Huh.”
She flicks a buck at him and is just about to walk away when he grins at her, making her stop in her tracks.
“If I make it five will you put out?” she enquires.
Tom stares at the note in Kate’s hand longingly. “Sure,” he says.
“Great! Give me a call once you’ve shaved!”
Do you know what I’d like to do? I’ll hold Tommy down and Slod can shave him. Or we could tie him up. Whatever!
I do like the Mike photos. He’s both a giant dork and super cool. But Jenny needs to not be in charge of dressing himself (maybe Jared could help with that).
Don’t even get me started on the logo. NO ONE goes with that shade of green.
In completely unrelated news, I watched Grey’s Anatomy last night and didn’t hate it. Victory! I actually quite enjoyed it and wasn’t even bored. It still bites next to House (GENIUS OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH) but it doesn’t completely suck. Although Meredith can die.
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