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Prison Break Season Finale

It does.

As I suspected, all of that was completely unexpected.

And FUCK. They really do seem to be screwed. I mean, more than ever before almost.

"What do we do now?"

"We run."

I don't know how they're gonna make it! (But I know they will.)

Sara!!! If she's dead I will kill myself. I really wish she'd listened to me when I told her not to fall off the wagon, but then, I hadn't considered the possibility that she would get found out so quickly, and she clearly had, and so was pretty much like, "my life is over anyway, I may as well go out in style." The white drool wasn't pretty but she still managed to look striking, in a blue way.

T-Bag!!! He's only got one hand now!!! That really sucks for him. I hope he's not lefthanded.

Michael is wonderful and important and a leader and the smartest and the most beautiful and if anyone can save them all it'll be him.

I really like that Tweener got away actually, and that he's the safest of all of them. And if Haywire makes it I'll be ecstatic. I love Haywire. He's just the right amount of crazy to be cool.

I love Pope, I hate Bellick.

The VP, who's now the P, is back to being the big bad! I'm more pleased for Kellerman than for her because I really like Kellerman when he's being smug, and she's a charmless ho.

Anyway, as massive cliffhangers go, this one wasn't bad. I will be tuning in next season; you can count on that.
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