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Random Stuff

It's The Smallville Feedbackathon! Starting today! I love this and I love norwich36 for coming up with it. Every day for the next eight days there will be a different theme and today's theme is Encourage A New Author. Go check out the list and pick an author you haven't read before and then tell them how much they rock. 

Feedback is LOVE people. If you don't write you might not understand how much it means to us, but honestly, it's one of the things that drives *me* to keep writing and posting picture stories and just generally attempting to entertain y'all as much as I possibly can. Comments make me very happy and if I don't hear from people regarding my fic etc, it's not uncommon for me to think that they either didn't read it or didn't like it. That's dumb, I know, but I bet I'm not the only writer who feels this way. Yeah, I'm lazy about commenting on older stories, but my rule is this: if I read a new story (all the way through) I comment on it. Even if just to say something banal like "I loved it!" Despite what you might think, writers don't hate comments like that. We LOVE THEM! I do anyway.

So get feedbacking!


Go and look at this (one page) website RIGHT NOW: celingcat.com. I will never not find it funny (and cute).


Mischa Barton is leaving The OC to "pursue a film career". HAHA. Good luck with that, babe.  

I can't say I'm sad about this because I only half heartedly watch the show now, and really, she's pretty but she can't act for shit and Ryan/Marissa makes me want to cry with boredom. The way they write her out, however, will no doubt be horrendous. ::POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT:: Apparently she's going to have a drug overdose. *pukes* And she's almost certainly going to die. *rolls eyes* Why does The OC think that this is good drama? Or that anyone will give a flying fuck? Do they not realise that people watch it for the silly and the comedy and the pretty? GOD. *slaps The OC*


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have split up and there was NO PRE-NUP. For fuck's sake, Paul, you completely idiotc billionaire you. She is going to SCREW YOU.


JLo might be pregnant. I already feel sorry for the kid.
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