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Wincest for Ginger

Yeah yeah yeah I know I promised I'd never write Wincest again, but this isn't my fault. You can blame girlmostlikely, in fact. Because it's her birthday tomorrow (but see, she is in Australia so it's nearly tomorrow already for her and anyway she's probably out getting drunk so she'll see this first thing in the morning) and I love her lots and I was supposed to write her Tommy/Jared porn ages ago and never did and then she asked for one of my captioned screencap stories for her birthday and it seemed only fair and that is my excuse. So shutup.

Ginger: this is all for you baby. It's silly, it's smutty, it's Wincest. THAT is how much I love you.  Happy birthday, darlin!

Amazing caps by spiffy_themes. I'll tell you this. These boys are the best fun ever to caption.

Hell House, by Kate

Dawn is here, but as ever, the weather sucks ass.

Dean is bored out of his head. He hasn't been laid in a few weeks and he needs a distraction.

He glances over at Sam and hatches a plan.

Sam looks adorable when he sleeps but Dean knows of a way to make Sam look even cuter.

God yeah. This plan is AWESOME.

Dean's cock twitches as he slips the object into Sam's open mouth.

Brilliant! A plastic spoon. Dean is a GENIUS.

Because yes, if possible, Sam looks even cuter now. Clearly confused, but awake now, which means that Sam can entertain Dean.

"Why the fuck was there a spoon in my mouth?" Sam demands.

"Who the hell knows!" Dean says. "Maybe a ghost put it there!"

"Damn ghosts," Sam grumbles. Dean laughs happily.

"You feel like going shopping today, Sammy?"

"Sure. Let me just check my diary to see if I'm free."

Sam is, in fact, free, and the boys think about what they might buy.

"I've got a good idea," Sam starts, cautiously.

"How about we buy some new music? You know, to listen to while we're driving."

"What's wrong with the music we already have?" Dean enquires, deliberately not getting the hint.

"I hate Metallica. Their music makes me angry," Sam says quietly to the window.

Whatever, Dean thinks. Why the fuck is my brother such a fagbot?

"Let's buy some Abba!" Sam suggests cheerfully. "Abba makes me happy!"

Dean tries to remain calm.

In the record store, Sam heads straight for the Euro Pop section and Dean pretends not to know him.

Once they've finished shopping they head out for a walk in the wilderness. It's not a particularly nice day for a walk, but both boys feel the need for some fresh air.

DUM DUM DUUUUMMMM. A scary house appears.

Great, Dean thinks. Now we're going to have to work.

They look around the house for a while but so far there are no ghosts to be found.

It's still pretty weird though.

There's something funny about this place, Dean thinks.

It's so creepy. I don't trust it.

"Did that record store guy give me my change?" Sam says, more to himself than to anyone else.

"Do you think there's something funny about this place, Sam?"

"Could be. I don't really know."

"Well I'm suspicious."

"Maybe you're right. I do sense danger now that I think about it."

Back to civilization for a bit more shopping. "You should've bought those leather pants, Dean. They looked good on you."

"Is that right, Sammy? Care to elaborate on that compliment?"

"Forget I said anything."

"Not likely," Dean mutters, turned on by the memory of the leather pants and Sam's reaction to them.

Sam looks like he's remembering too.

Dean watches Sam hop into the car and thinks about all the things he'd like to do to him when they get to the hotel.

Except Sam ruins the moment by putting an Abba tape in the stereo and turning the volume up loud.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Sam says triumphantly.

"I am the dancing queen," Sam explains.

Jesus Christ, what a loser, Dean thinks, disgusted.

"See that girl, watch that scene, diggin the dancing queen."

It's best just to ignore Sam when he gets like this.

Dean practices his signature.

"You know, Dean. I'm feeling kind of dirty."

But Dean's caught up in what he's doing and doesn't hear Sam's confession.

"Maybe I'll take a shower."

Sam's been in the shower a while and Dean is feeling impatient. Wait though, that sounded like Sam might be about to...

Dean spins around, just as Sam opens the door and is just about to ask what took Sam so long but-

But then he forgets how to talk completely. Because there's Sam. In just a towel. Without that towel he'd be naked. And okay, Jesus fucking Christ, Sammy has the best body Dean has ever seen in his entire life. All other thoughts and feelings fly out the window and Dean is left with only want.

He sits back down on the bed and stares. He can't tear his eyes away.

Fuck. It never stops being hot. Sam's naked body. It's hot every. Single. Time. Shower time is Dean's favourite time of day.  Dean's already hard and he needs to get closer.

He jumps up and slides past Sam, going into the bathroom. "I need a shower," he says a little desperately. Sam turns and looks at Dean with wide eyes. "Do you want some company?"


Later, in the coffee shop, after a round of hot shower sex, the boys drink coffee and discuss their relationship. "Dean. How come when you blew me, you didn't swallow?"

Dean thinks about it for a moment. He kind of wanted to swallow but thought that maybe it was too intimate or something. They are brothers after all.

"I really want you to swallow next time."

Dean imagines swallowing Sam's come and it's... well, it's a very nice thought...

He imagines it some more.

"How serious are you about this?"

"I've never been more serious about anything in my entire life."

Wow. This is intense.

"Why is it such a big deal?" Dean suddenly asks.

"I want you to know what I taste like. I want you to like it."

"And what about me? You haven't even sucked my cock yet."

"I know," Sam says sheepishly. "But don't worry about that. I'll blow you tonight."

Jesus. Dean's going to have to go jerk off in the bathroom after this coffee.

"And rest assured, Dean. I'll swallow."

Did I pack lube? Dean thinks.


"Damn you're pretty, Dean."

"And funny too!"

"I'm imagining that this bottle is your cock."

It's time to head back to the hotel to have sex. Sam is giggling with excitement.

"Can we try some fucking tonight, Dean?"

Dean laughs. "Yeah, Sam. We can try some fucking."

Dean feels relaxed for the first time in days. They're a five minute drive away from the hotel and Dean's newly bought bottle of KY is warming up in the inside pocket of his jacket. And the way Sam's looking at him is really turning him on.

The roar of the engine echoes the roar of Dean's heart. Five minutes suddenly seems like an eternity.  Dean wonders if Sam will blow him while he drives... "Sammy," he says, looking over at his brother with a sleazy smile.  Sam looks back and grins. He gets it.

Dean undoes his fly one handed and settles back to enjoy the ride home.

The end.
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