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I have a question. If I were to, say, get myself a website for my fic, what’s the best way to go about that? I’d like advice about any and everything to do with this. Thanks!
*subtly reminds toadstoolsmiles about PS*
And because it’s Monday and I’m tired and cranky as fuck, I’m going to stir up some shit.
All the Lana hate on my flist (and elsewhere) is really grating my cheese. Relentless character hate rubs me up the wrong way at the best of times. Not because it’s not valid (it’s as valid as character love, I do understand this) but because it’s so friggin’ negative. I enjoy debate and intelligent criticism but generally I have to wonder why some people bother watching the fucking show if it angers them so much.
And the Lana bitching seems to be less about her character as it is at the moment and more about desperately trying to find reasons to bitch about her and hate on her, because clinging on to the hate is easier than letting it go. Anyway, I’m starting to avoid those posts.
For the record, I don’t think that Lana behaved selfishly and I think her cold words to Clark were understandable and earned. He lied to her face AGAIN. He withheld information about the danger her new boyfriend was in, and let’s not forget that she overheard Clark saying that he was going to KILL Lex. Damn right she’d be wondering why the fuck she ever loved Clark. Damn right she’d be furious with Clark and scared for Lex. No, I do NOT feel sorry for Clark. He got what was coming to him. Nor do I see what's selfish about her handling of Lex. She's demonstrated on a number of occasions that she cares about Lex, would do anything for him (including risking her own life), and hey, the other week she gave him a gift! I don't see it as selfish that she wasn't concerned about the other characters when the world was ending. She wasn't to know that Chloe was about to get gang raped after all. Her mind's on Lex and fair enough. Lex is FOXY. Besides, I'm pretty sure Chloe wasn't thinking about Lana much either.
I also don’t put any stock into the whining about Zod instantly falling in love with Lana. What the fuck show were you people watching?  (Omar?) That wasn’t a look of love in his eyes! That was, “huh, she’s offering to be my minion, I haven’t gotten any action in eons, she’s not too shabby to look at, let’s make out.” Admittedly I thought for a second that he might toss her off the edge after her little speech (which would have rocked so hard) and I do think he considered it, but I can dig Zod wanting some sexing before he sets out to conquer the world.
How did Zod know to meet Lana there? Did Lex sense that Zod would lead him there before the download or has Zod retained Lex’s memories? It’s hard to tell because both times I watched the ep the expression on Zod’s face when he sees Lana, comes across as, “who the fuck are you... oh you like me? Okay. I can work with that. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD."

Lana drops to her knees and opens her mouth.

PS. This is not an invitation to come here and tell my why you hate Lana and why you think your hate is valid. I DON'T CARE. Tell me why you *love* Lana now. Or, if not love, why you don't hate her anymore.
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