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I'm cutting for no other reason than, if you haven't seen the SV finale and you hate spoilers, you might possibly consider this post spoilery, although you probably won't becuase it's not really. It is, however, extremely silly.

I'm amusing myself right now thinking of shortenings for Zod pairings.

Zod/Lana = Zodana. HAHAHA. I believe voldything came up with that first?
Zod/Clark = Clod. I made that up in my head although I'm sure others have thought of it. How hilarious is Clod. VERY. I fancy reading some Clod porn actually. I bet no one has written Clod porn ever. Someone should do that. If I could think of a single reason why Clark would willingly blow Zod, I'd write it myself. Ideas welcome!

Oh, I learned the other day that drabble means exactly a hundred words. I did not know this and have been using the word drabble incorrectly for MONTHS and no one corrected me. I guess snippet is the word I should have been using? Tell me now whether snippet means something other than "not long enough to be called a fic". Fandom's so confusing!

Anyway, back to amusing myself:

Zod/Lionel = Lionod.
Zod/Martha = Zortha. Or Marthod. They both suck. Feel free to improve on them.
Zod/Chloe - Chlod.
Zod/Lois = Zois. (OMG I LOVE THAT ONE)
Zod/Fine = Fod.
Zod/Jonathan = Jonathod or Zonathan both work, although aren't possible (thankfully).
Zod/Pete = Pod.

It'll never stop being funny. This is because the word Zod is empirically amusing and so is everything that rhymes with it.

Got any more?
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