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Music for youse fullahs

I've been at home and in front of the computer ALL DAY. Drinking champagne. Squeeing about SV. Reading about SV. But also, listening to great music. Which ima gonna share with yuz.

My taste is eclectic fyi. But it's also awesome. I don't care what the genre is (although obviously I like some genres more than others) as long as the song is great.

Let's start with...

British Pop

Overload, by Sugababes. The Sugababes were about fifteen when they first got together, and they've replaced a few members over the years but they're not, in fact, a manufactured pop group, and are, in fact, extremely good. They've produced great single after great single, but their best is actually one of their first. This is a song that would fit in at any club in any city. It's beautifully produced and funky as fuck. And that chorus... (a good chorus is very important to me)... SO HOT...


Americans have Kelly Clarkson, we have Will Young. Will won the first ever Pop Idol (which the US took and turned into American Idol). Now, I don't especially love his voice and I (probably) wouldn't buy his albums, but he's released a number of singles which are so good that I don't know anyone who doesn't like them:

Think I Better Leave Right Now

I challenge you not to love that chorus. This is romantic pop that should be cheesy but which really just leaves you in a happy daze.

Similarly, there's Who Am I, which overall I think is sort of average, but which has the prettiest chorus ever ever. The line, "No one else could love you half as much as I do now" just kills me.


Life Got Cold, by Girls Aloud.  These chicks won one of the Pop Stars tv show things and they're like a poor man's version of the Sugababes (although they do have one very good singer: the "we're running we're running we're running out of time" girl, who, fyi, is now dating Jesse Metcalf). But this song? I wish I knew how to vid so I could make a clex vid with it. I don't believe in Romeos or Heroes anymore...

Prison Break

In the UK, they used The Mercy Seat, by Johnny Cash (originally by Nick Cave), in one of the Prison Break ads. Just so perfect you have to listen to it to get how perfect.


I'm On Fire, by Bruce Springsteen. I'll just quote you bits:

Hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go and leave you all alone, mmm, I've got a bad desire,
Oh oh oh I'm on fire.
Tell me now baby is he good to you, can he do to you the things that I do, oh no, I can take you higher
Oh oh oh I'm on fire.

And later...

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head

When Brucie was huge in the eighties my mother and aunty thought he was the hottest thing who ever hotted. I didn't get it then but I sure as hell get it now. Fuck. Maybe that's because I'm near the age now that they were then. o.O


Never Never Gonna Give You Up, by Barry White

My favourite ever Barry White song, purely because of the line: "I'm never ever gonna quit 'cause quittin' just ain't my stick."

I've loved that line for such a long time and I've been meaning to start saying "That ain't my stick" about shit but I keep forgetting to.

Hip Hop/R'n'B

Break Ya Neck, by Busta Rhymes

Okay, this might not be to everyone's taste. It's not pretty and it's full of bad language (if you're offended by the N word, maybe avoid). But it *does* showcase Busta's extraordinary talent as a rapper. I promise you this: you won't hear anything else quite like it. The speed with which he raps is fucked up.  I love this track.


It's All Good, by Chaka Chan and De La Soul

If you don't like this song you probably have really lame taste in music. It's sexy and hot and a shining example of why I adore hip hop. Beautiful production, amazing vocals, a beat that's just SEX, and cleverass rhymes by some of THE best rappers EVER.


You Don't Know My Name, by Alicia Keys

My favourite Alicia song. She has such a beautiful voice and this song is the bizness.



Dakota, by Stereophonics

My absolute favourite single of last year. This is summer to me. It's hot weather and nostalgia and movie love and it makes my heart swell with pleasure and longing and happiness and sadness all at the same time. When they performed this song at Live 8 (yes I was there! At Hyde Park! With Pete!) I practically had a fit.


If you download come tell me how much you love the songs, because that'll make my day.
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