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SV S5 Vessel

I loved that so much I don't think I'm going to be very coherent. Not that I usually am coherent or anything.

Clark and Lex.

I love the way Lex referred to them as being best friends (still! ?). That Lana accused Clark of turning on his best friend.  They are still best friends! In their heart of hearts they are still boyfriends best friends!

I love Lex saying that Clark has always seen himself as Lex's saviour and only clings to the idea that there's still good in him because he can't accept that he might have failed.  This is so true and is much more romantic than it sounds. Clark has been trying to save Lex since he met him because Clark loves Lex.  He can never kill Lex, he will always want to save Lex, he will always believe there is good somewhere inside Lex, he will always hate himself for failing.

Lionel really shouldn't be harping on about what an evil son he has. That fucks me off a lot. Other than that I'm finding Lionel fascinating.

KK was great all the way through and I loved the Clana scene. Her reading of the line, "I don't know how I could have ever loved you," was sweeeeet.

The Clexana is still working for me because it is still all about Clark. Lex being everything that Clark isn't and giving Lana the one thing she always wanted from Clark but mostly never got: sex the truth. Lana's spot on. Clark doesn't trust her. Lex, OTOH, does. And from Lex's POV, he basically admitted that he's with Lana because he wanted what Clark had. Not because he actually wants Lana per se, but because *Clark's been there*.

MR was amazing. Just amazing. Start to finish.   Lex saying shit  to Lana like "I'll never lie to you," is interesting because he did lie to her in Void but I guess that doesn't count anymore because yes, clearly Lex is being totally honest with her about everything now. Except maybe NOW. Because now he's not Lex, he's Zod. And apparently Zod's happy to make out with Lana without letting her in on the rather large secret that he killed Lex and he's about to kill EVERYONE ON EARTH.  Oh, and for the record, I'm a big big fan of Zod so far.

For starters, Zod has the best dress sense EVER OMG. And he, quite rightly, chose the sexiest, smartest, coolest, most awesomely stylish hotass in the whole universe to vesselize. You gotta respect Zod's taste. He's got great taste in boys. 

I don't for one moment believe that Lex is really dead and that Zod is the new Lex. Just like Clark's not gonna be trapped forever in the glass prison. Also, none of the main characters are dead. They try to pull that shit on us in every season finale but you'll see, Lois Lane will breathe again.

So I'm not very good at predictions, but somehow Clark will escape and destroy Zod without having to kill Lex. That is my lame prediction.

The Chloe/Clark kiss was stunning. Thank you Smallville for remembering that these two have always had - and still have YAY - wonderful sexual chemistry. I haven't been keen on Chloe recently but the love came flooding back in that moment. Because she's played a pretty convincing friend who's totally over Clark for a long time, and I adore it that she's not. That she is, in fact, still very much in love with Clark, but because he didn't return her feelings, she did the only thing she could have done. She buried hers. I can't wait to see this developed in S6. The time for Chlark is finally here. Especially now that Clark and Lex have broken up and Lex has moved on to Clark's ex. I see double dates in the future! The girls getting on well, the boys glowering at each other over the hor'deurves. The sexual tension off the scale.


Overall, I found Vessel extremely exciting and tense and clexy and hot and a completely fucking fantastic finale to a mostly great season.
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