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Stephanie Zacharek on pretty Cillian Murphy from the movie, Red Eye (which she likes, yay!):

"In a movie like this, where so much of the action takes place in such close quarters, the actors' faces take on heightened importance. McAdams is an alert, fully alive actress, and she's completely keyed in to the tone of the picture. Lisa has her weak moments and her spunky ones, and McAdams plays everything along the spectrum with great relish. Murphy -- most recently seen as the Scarecrow in "Batman Begins," one of that movie's only genuinely unnerving elements -- is her perfect match. For one thing, his lips are almost as pillowy as hers are. And with his menacing china-blue eyes and pale, 2 o'clock stubble, he manages to look both innocently newborn and barroom dissolute. These are faces that can sustain multiple tight closeups, and they hold us tight, too."

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