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Kate's mind. And SV Het Fic! o.O

This morning I had a dream. I was watching Smallville and for some reason (it was like a futurefic ep or something) Clark put on the Supes costume and I squeed with delight and happiness and called toadstoolsmiles up, but she wasn’t keen on the episode because the Supes costume is really not very sexy, but I was like, “I know! I hate it! But Tommy still looked hot!” Then suddenly, I was in the episode and I happened to be good friends with Clark and Chloe. Me and Chloe were talking about Clark and she mentioned that he’s not as good looking as he used to be, but he was in the room and he heard her say it because he has super hearing and he looked really hurt and left.

I punched Chloe in the arm and said, “he heard you, you idiot,” and then we both ran after him and hugged him in a threeway hug type thing. I looked up into his eyes (he's so tall!) and told him he was gorgeous, and he looked really pleased and then he kissed me. Then he kissed Chloe. Then me again. And I honestly think we were about to have a threesome, but I woke up. I blame my alarm clock.

Now, I haven’t thought up prompts yet for the SV Het Ficathon (tab_a_slot_b) which is insane given all the cool stuff that happens in my brain when I’m not conscious. But checking over the prompts is kind of annoying me because there’s no Lana! Now I can go and add some Lana prompts I suppose, but clearly there’s no point because a) I can’t use my own prompts and b) people obviously aren’t interested in writing fics about her, or they’d be coming up with Lana prompts themselves.

See the thing is, she’s my favourite female character at the moment and I really want to write some dirty Lexana fics, so please go join and give me some porny Lexana prompts. I think Chloe is getting more than enough attention over there at the moment, and while that’s great for her, she’s actually the most boring chick in SV right now (although not as annoying as Lois). She’s barely even human anymore and perfect people aren’t interesting to me. Lana, OTOH, is so riddled with problems and issues that the potential for dodgy, fucked up porn is practically limitless.

So get to it SV fandom! I know it’s not Clex but we need to keep our fandom alive and kicking and challenges like this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m pretty sure you can give prompts without signing up to write (yes Kels?), so there’s no excuses. Also, just because it’s het doesn’t mean it can’t still be all about the boys. Subtext is our friend, kids.
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