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Prison Break Ep 21

That was way way way too intense. I nearly exploded.

I got confused and thought we were up to the last episode, but I'm SO pleased that the prison break was done in the second to last episode so now we get to see what happens once the crew are outside the walls and we get a whole hour of it.

Anyway, that was just bonkers from start to finish.
  • Nick getting killed was awesome.
  • Veronica not getting killed was not. But here's hoping!
  • Nick's last minute redemption is what made his death awesome btw. Who was that guy? I can't keep track of all the suits.
  • Bellick getting bitchslapped was as joyous for me this week as it was last.
  • Sara leaving the door unlocked just broke my heart in all the right places. Don't fall off the wagon honey!
  • Westmoreland dying was sad as fuck but I respect it. (Although to be honest, I was way too tense to feel that sad about it.)
  • The fat guy not making it and then getting caught was brilliantly inevitable.
  • I don't really get what's going on with the vice prez. I sort of do but it seems pretty retarded. The Company are gonna pop a cap in her ass anyway and I can't say I feel much sympathy for her. I quite like Kellerman though, and I think he might be able to protect her because he seems to be impossible to kill.
  • There shall definitely be some squabbling in the gang and possibly some murders. I don't really want anyone else to die (maybe Lincoln) but if it has to happen then I vote for the little guy (and if crazy dude survives I'll eat my hat). I feel like they surely have to kill off Abruzzi or T-Bag and it's more likely to be T-Bag because they need Abruzzi's plane. OTOH, I'd be surprised if they killed T-Bag - he's a diamond of a character and he'd be fascinating on the run. As always, PB is impossible to predict.
  • I really really want another Michael/Sara scene before the season ends but I don't see how that's possible.
  • Finally, I can't wait for next week!!!
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