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Icons or porn... icons or porn...

Was the season finale of PB on last night? The torrent isn’t up on torrentspy yet and no one on my flist has mentioned it. I know I have some PB fans on my flist, so what gives?

Re iconing: I just did a quick bit of research and it seems that the software I have (PhotoImpact) is a slightly less powerful but still very very good alternative to Photoshop, which is great news because it means I don’t have to spend fifty quid on new software. The problem is that everyone on LJ uses other programmes (EVERYONE! Shutup I’ve checked!) so there are NO PhotoImpact icon tutorials (None! Anywhere!), which means I’m going to have to learn all by myself.

There are things I don’t get. What are brushes and layers? Icon lingo confuses and frightens me because there’s so much to learn and I’m not a child anymore. Learning new things is HARD.

See, I wonder if I should just splash out on Photoshop because then I would have all the help I need without ever having to stray away from LJ (which I hate doing) but then I think maybe I should just stick to writing porn.

Two days into making icons and I’m already stressed out. I can’t even think about sex at the moment! That's CRAZY. 

Please talk to me about porn (or icons).
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