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Heat Picspam!!

My favourite person in the whole world to look at pics of is Tom Welling. Shock!

As you all know, Heat is the sexiest, porniest, hottest episode ever of Smallville, so instead of going into town and running errands (my original plan) I spent a bunch of time fucking about with some of oxoniensis's caps. And now I share!

First though, look how freaking gorgeous he is:

The genius of Heat lies in the fact that Tom (and everyone else) is glistening with sweat constantly. It also contains my very favourite Clark, who I write about all the time: Horny Clark. YAY!

Yes Clarky, that's a hot (albeit incredibly skanky) chick you're checking out. It's like he's never seen a hot chick before. He's all, "what's THAT." It's your penis, Clark.

He checks her out again and he's dripping with sweat. Also, his cock is very hard now.

This is what Clark looks like just before he comes (out of his eyes). Please note the blowjob lips.

"Uh, what just happened there? I'm both embarrassed and confused. Is Lex mad at me? I hope not because my dick really needs some attention."

I love Tom's fangs. They completely make his smile. In this shot Clark is desperately trying (and failing) to cover up his jealousy at seeing Lex with someone else, by smiling fakely.

I have a thing for Lex's profile fyi. It's pretty much perfect.

Smallville is gay porn dressed up as family entertainment. I mean for god's sake LOOK at them. Imagine this is a fic: Clark is just about to walk up behind Lex, and lightly press his body into Lex's. Just enough for Lex to feel Clark's erection against the small of his back.Then Clark whispers into Lex's ear, "Aren't you a little hot in that jacket?" Lex ducks his head and smiles. "A little," he murmurs. Despite the crowd of people around them, Clark pushes his hips forward, causing them both to gasp. He just can't seem to help himself because he's still feeling very sexy. "Let's go somewhere we can be alone," Clark says, his lips brushing against Lex's ear. Lex turns around and studies Clark for a few long moments, then says, "Sure. But first I have something I need to ask you. Will you be my best man? There's a blowjob in it for you!"

They're both very beautiful and very sexy.

There is nothing not gorgeous about Tommy's face.

Sweaty and worried. "I shoot fire out of my eyes when I'm horny! Life is so unfair!"

Another fake smile because he's not at all happy that Lex just got married to a giant skankbot. But also, it kind of looks like it's their wedding and they're both extremely pleased about that. AW.

Clark smiles LOTS in Heat. Another reason why it's one of the best eps ever.

Yayity! It's Horny Clark again. When Horny Clark comes out to play I tend to consider it hard proof that Tommy is a big fan of sex. Because okay, Tom's not the greatest actor to ever act (I love him I really do but I'm not delusional), so there's no way that look he gets in his eyes is fake. Tom's drawing from experience and his experience is, god yeah sex is GOOD, I want sex, I love sex, I love everything about sex.

See!!! No one is as porny as Clark.

Except possibly Lex. Who looks awesome when he kisses. Mikey has just as gorgeous a mouth as Tommy.

"I can't believe Lex got married to that crazy whore. Who the hell is going to suck my cock now?"

Okay, if I have a new favourite screencap ever, this one might be it. Jesus.

Clark in the throes of passion.


Lex in the throes of passion. Rather, Lex in the middle of orgasm.


And Horny Clark is back. THANK YOU GOD.

Now he's really horny and he just wants to get naked already.

Lex is thinking exactly the same thing (as is every single person watching the episode): Let's get Clark naked already.

Post orgasmic bliss. Fucking hell it's just ridiculous isn't it. This episode is GAY PORN.

"Lex. You hurt me. How could you get married? How could you do that to me?"

That's right, Lex. Clark is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your entire life.

Lex just suggested that they have sex, but this time, Clark can top. Clark is awfully excited about that.

"Come on, it'll be fun, Clark. I'm hot and I'm tight and I'm horny for you." Clark thinks about fucking Lex and smiles. He's been waiting for this for a long time.

Then they take all their clothes off and have hot barn sex.
Tags: actor: tom welling, character: clark kent, clex, picspam, tv: smallville
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