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Supernatural - Devil's Trap

If SPN doesn't get picked up for a second season, that's one hell of a way to end the show.

I actually found Papa really sexy when he was possessed, which is a first for me. I have a thing for attractive evil apparently. Normally John annoys the hell out of me because seriously, he's a *bad father*. But seeing JDM play evil with such delicious relish was the bizness. For once he oozed sex appeal. And yeah, I agree, he has a great voice.

Jensen Ackles wins the acting gong though, because WOW. He's such a soulful actor (Wentworth Miller has a similar quality). You feel what he feels. You cry when he cries. You laugh when he laughs. For me, Supernatural is more about Dean's story - not because Sam is less important, but because Dean's the character I find myself relating to, and I think that's because of Jensen's portrayal. I tend to judge actors not on their ability to play many different types of characters but on the performance I happen to be watching of theirs at the time, which means I rate Jensen very highly as an actor. He's just so damn convincing, even when saddled with ropey dialogue.

Meg's dying word was "sunrise" and then we get Jensen saying, "I think I know what Meg meant about 'sunrise'." Shot of Sunrise Apartments. Thanks. You THINK? I don't need the plot explained to me, I'm NOT STUPID. What they should have done is flashed back to Meg's dying words, then back to the present and a closeup of Dean and Sam with "Ohhh I get it now" expressions on their faces. That would have been funny.

I did quite like a lot of the script though; there were tons of great lines (Dean: "This sucks out loud." Sam: "Yeah tell me about it." HEEEEE! *cuddles boys*)

Sam and Dean have a beautiful relationship. Their love for one another is so evident and absolutely the reason the show works. Yes, we know that Dean will do anything to protect his family but now we know that Sam will too. He's putting family ahead of his rage at the demon now, and that's because of Dean. He's changed, because of Dean. SIGH.

Next season. I guess it's war? For a while at least. And then I hope they kill that demon and the creative team gives us a brand new (less sucky) story arc.
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