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SV S5 Oracle


I am so happy for Lex. Just so very very happy.

Right, so a few quick points.

Lana is very comfortable with lying now. In that first scene with Lois she lied about the coffee being for Chloe, then she lied about Lex not being her boyfriend. Lex IS SO her boyfriend.

When Lionel gives the books with all his crazy scribbling in them to Clark, the look on his face is completely perfect. Lionel looks at Clark with wonder. He's in *awe*. It's really beautiful.

Clark has bad hair at the moment.

I actually like Lionel being a good guy. Not sure how my flist feels about that, I haven't read anyone's posts on this ep yet. But it works for me because what he's gone through is so extraordinary and unlike anything any other human being has ever gone through (yay that we finally know! YAY!) so it's believable that it would transform him. I don't totally trust him but for once I could see why Clark and co trusted him.

Fine's plan to get Clark to kill Lionel. Not very smart I have to say, but then, maybe he didn't realise what a Good Man Jonathan was; a man who would never ask his son to kill somebody. Maybe Fine didn't do enough research on the Kents? Maybe Clark should have realised a mite sooner that his father would never ask him to kill somebody. Maybe Clark is a little slow?

I take it Fine didn't kill Lionel himself because he knows he can't? Apparently Lionel can crush him like an ant! I wonder how they'll defeat him. He's quite a good villain although I'm not in the least bit scared of him. Spike was scarier and Spike wasn't all that scary.

The Clex! Hello boys, how I've missed you. I promise to rewrite that wonderful scene with caps because ohhhhh, so very, hilariously gay. Being ex boyfriends is HARD. Being in love with each other but pretending to be straight and in love with a girl is ALSO HARD. I need to watch it again and get more into the spirit of it because sorry ladies, right now my focus is elsewhere:


Lex's healing powers omfg that's the best thing ever in the whole world I didn't see that coming and I wasn't spoiled and the whole thing makes me practically orgasmic with glee and the poster didn't lie it DIDN'T LIE PEOPLE and that is quite possibly the coolest power ever ever ever and I love Lex more than words can possibly say he is perfect and sexy and rich and powerful and LOOK WHO'S GOT THE POWER NOW. *dies*
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