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Prison Break Ep 20!

It's official. If you don't watch Prison Break you are lame.

That was the best shit I've seen in my whole entire life. I can't even deal with how exciting that was and how excited I TOTALLY AM about the last episode of the season. EEP.

  • Michael telling Sara. Fucking GENIUS. It was - as all their scenes together are - understated yet powerful. He didn't need to explain. I LOVE that. He gave her the barest amount of information, knowing that she would understand everything, and she fucking did.
  • Sara will go back, I'm sure, to unlock the door. This episode moved her character along more than any other. She nearly hit the booze, which is a massive deal, but she DIDN'T, which is one of the reasons I adore her so much. She's a flawed yet inherently decent person. The true heroine of the show (fuck you Robin Tunney, you annoying talentless whore) who's also *unique*. And it's such a pleasure to see a genuine (and exquisitely, naturally beautiful) red head on my tv screen. Her intelligence and grace and earthy sensuality bowl me over every scene she's in.
  • The last scene, with the Warden. FUCK ME. Okay, firstly we get Lincoln saying, in all seriousness, to Michael, go without me. He *means* that. But Michael has no inention of leaving without Lincoln. Lincoln is the freaking *reason he's there*. He'll go to extreme lengths, which has been shown many millions of times every episode to make the escape work, and it won't work without Lincoln. It makes total sense that he would turn on/use Pope.
  • That's something I love about the show. They surprise and excite consistently. You can't predict what they're going to do and yet it's all totally satisfying.
  • The montage at the end (Massive Attack! Squee!) which summed up so brilliantly and succinctly the crew's reasons and need to escape.
  • Bellick. YAY HE GOT ALL TIED UP. This pleased me immensely. I, for the record, fucking hate that cunt.
  • C-Note. One of my tv boyfriends. Put him and Michael in a scene together (not in a slasy way EW, I would never slash PB) and I pretty much have kittens.
  • Abruzzi is AWESOME, DUDETTES. He's a powerful evil genius!
  • Oh yeah, there's the sublot consipracy shit with the vice prez (who's suddenly fascinating to me because she was originally the big bad and now she's more the sort of naughty. She's FUCKED. \o/).
  • Dude pulling the gun on Veronica and her delivery of the line, "you're a coward," which okay, is a retarded line anyway, but still, it's not possible for her to have sucked harder in that scene. I kinda hoped he'd shoot her actually.
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