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I love Fangirls!

Yes it's true, I have been MIA for the past few days, and I've come into (as my ex boyfriend Stuart would say) a shit-storm at work, so this is just a quick HELLO HELLO post before I get back to *sniffs* not being around much. I haven't read my flist for the past two days, so pleeeeease tell me if I missed anything I should have seen, because although I will try my best to catch up tonight, I'm not a machine (and I'm also a really slow reader). Don't be shy! Post me links in the comments!

toadstoolsmiles left last night and bop_radar left this morning, and I already miss them. *weeps* The first thing I did when Bex got to my place on Tuesday was suggest that we start drinking. FYI, if you ever meet me, that is what I will do straight away, so make sure you eat a big breakfast. We got drunk and giggled a lot and then Boppy arrived and we got drunker and then we ate food which I prepared! It was great too. I am a WIZARD in the kitchen. The girls got to meet my boy flatmates, who bitched at each other a lot, and I'm starting to think it's a good thing that Hamish is leaving because I'm zen and the tension in our house at the moment is bruising my aura.

Becky was very cute and sleepy so we put her to bed (on the floor of my lounge) at about 11.30pm and me and Boppy watched Fade (which she hadn't seen) and I think it took us about an hour and a half to get through it, because we kept pausing to talk about it. Although during one of our intermissions, we got sidetracked and had a half hour conversation about Buffy. Now when I say "talk", I do, of course, mean *shout*. We were so loud that Pete came down to tell us off! HAHAHA. Go Fangirls!

Yesterday, the three of us went out for a walk so they could see my neighbourhood and the park and stuff, but we gave up after about 40 minutes, went back to my place, and then, heeeee, spent the WHOLE DAY watching Smallville. \o/  Watching SV with fangirls is something I've never had the pleasure to do and it's omg so much more fun. We covered many of the classics, including Heat (which might be my favourite ever episode and why didn't they do more like that?), Red, Transference,  and some others I can't recall right now.  Bex left, which was very sad, and then Boppy and I ate pizza, gossiped and finished with Shattered and Asylum.  It was the sweetest kind of torture although I'm not sure why we chose to end on the saddest EVER EPISODES.  But neither of us had watched them very often because they're too upsetting so we felt that watching them together was wise and safe.

I'll be back properly later on, but tell me what's happening! I miss you guys!

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