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I've been thinking. It hurts!

Just been reading everyone's posts on Fade and I had this urge to try and put my feelings on Lexana, and why I like it, into words. You already know that it's because I read it in a Clexy way, but it's more than that. It's about the future.

Lex said a bunch of romantic things to Lana in Fade and I saw a few people say that they were worried that Lex was being too sappy and romantic and I wuv you, and therefore vulnerable, but I honestly didn't *once* consider that when I was watching the episode. That's not how I read it at all.

This is possibly a projection of my own desires, but I don't buy Lex being madly in love with Lana. He's *very* interested in being with her, yes, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her. And in a twisted way he does love her.

But it's still fucking twisted.

He's still more interested in the shit going on with Fine, and Clark is still WAY more important to him (and I'm not talking about a sex/romantic/clex way either) than Lana will EVER be. There's no *future* with Lexana and that's what makes me love it so much. It's *doomed*. Clark and Lex, OTOH, *do* have a future ahead of them. They'll be entwined (in one way or another) for the rest of their lives. They have a destiny, and deep down they both know it. Lana, in the end, means precisely *nothing* to Lex . Right now, he's "in love" with her, but when it ends, he'll move on. He'll get over her. He'll barely spare a thought for her and he'll go on to be the most brilliantly evil hotass genius on the planet ever. And Clark will be there for all of it.

Clark and Lex will leave Lana behind. This is one of the reasons I feel for Lana now.
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