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SV S5 Fade

Well THAT was gay.

Invisible!assassin did exactly what Lex did at the start of Clark and Lex's friendship and whaddaya know. Clark was very attracted to him. The guy asked Clark out on a date and Clark was all, why is there a big party I thought it was just going to be the two of us, wah. POOR CLARK. And then the hooker! HA. Clark is SO cute when he's being pounced on by women. He gets so shyly excited and smiley and sexy and omg Tommy was so pretty in this episode. The screencaps are going to produce some gorgeous icons. I can' t wait!

Clark is MUCH gayer than Lex at the moment. Lex, in fact, is being very heterosexual. And the Lexana is still working for me big time. I like how attracted Lana is to him and how happy she is around him and how it's the opposite of clana: bad, wrong and hot (that's not quite opposite, I guess. Clana is bad, wrong, and NOT HOT). The Lexana kissage was AWESOME. They really do have wicked chemistry.  In fact, one of the problems with the love triangle is that Clark and Lana have no chemistry, so the last scene was empty of feeling. I don't get the impression that Lana loves Clark anymore (not that I ever did get that impression) and vice versa (I'll get to that in a second), but I DO get the impression that she's pretty hooked on Lex. Which is exactly what I was hoping for with the Lexana. It's not a one way street and thank fuck.

Also, Lex is still being a badass and lying to Lana and that relationship is deliciously fucked up which is also what I was hoping for. And okay, do I have to do a poll about this? Have Lex and Lana fucked yet? (Norwich, you need to do that poll actually.) They're in a relationship apparently and the way they were making out with each other and the fact that they "missed" each other ("You have no idea" GUH) and the fact that Lex told her to tell Clark (aw Lex I love you, you obsessed bald freak) suggests that Lex and Lana are fucking and that the fucking is good. Of course, it's Smallville, so Lexana sex is evil. But I'll take evil sex over no sex ANY DAY. Especially evil Lex sex because it's Lex Appreciation Week and it fits nicely that Lana appreciates his uber off the scale hotness. And that Clark remembers it and yearns for it (puppy dog eyes! POOR CLARK).

Now, you would have to blind, deaf and stupid not to see the Clex in Fade. It was impossibly easy to interpret Clark's distress at being over Lex being with someone else.  I don't even feel like explaining it it was so blatant. Yeah yeah, Clark doesn't think Lex can be trusted, but it's pretty telling that he's not particularly angry with Lex. Just hurt. Just, "he used to be my friend! But thank GOD he's not dead."

HE VISITED HIM AT THE HOSPITAL. Clark was really scared for Lex's life! More so than he was pissed about the Lexana. I mean really, Clark handled that surprisingly well. He was resigned to it. Because he doesn't love Lana and things with Lex have been on the out for so long that he's lost hope.

We haven't lost hope though, have we fandom! THEY'LL WORK IT OUT.

I don't read the comics or anything but Lex and Lois have a relationship at some point in comic canon right? Doesn't she marry him or some shit? There was a lot of foreshadowing of that anyway. Lois goes for bad guys like invisible!assassin (i.e. Lex) but will eventually realise that the perfect man has been right under her nose the entire time. AW (*pukes*). I'll be honest, I'm not really loving Lois all that much these days. Although, from a shallow perspective, her body is pretty much the best thing I've ever seen and she should take long showers in every episode. (How awesome is the shower in her apartment?)

Chloe continues to be too wise and barely a human being. I want them to give Chloe something different to do other than be Clark's Guide Through Life.

Needless to say, I loved this ep and I love my show more than apple pie with cream, and Clark and Lex continue to make my loins tingle.
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