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Lex Appreciation Week continues...

Well it is in my journal anyway. I've decided to bore the tits off all the non-Smallville people on my flist and post about Lex ALL WEEK.

Don't hold me to that actually. I have been known to run out of ideas.

It's only natural that I'd like to start by talking about sex. Lex having sex. Hey Bex! Your name rhymes! I see poem potential there.

So Val posted a poll about Lex's sex life, or lack there of, here.  I nearly voted for "Sex is ebol!" because on SV it really really is (unless you're married), but I decided on "Lex is too busy running an empire to even *think* about sex. He does keep several sexual professionals on retainer though. That way, he doesn't have to *think* about it." Because naturally, Lex is having sex.

Think about it. He's in his mid twenties, he's hot, he's horny (that's canon people), he's got money, and he's hot. VERY HOT. He doesn't fuck non-professionals anymore because they always try to kill him, but it's not like he stopped needing sex. He needs sex. This is *Lex* we're talking about. Lex loves sex. Besides, Lex is waaaay too hot not to be getting laid. Lex not getting laid would be like a crime against sex. It's the end of the fucking world as far as I'm concerned if Lex isn't getting any.

I think he enjoys sex with professionals too. He gets to be as kinky as he likes and come on, let's face it, who are we trying to kid, Lex is kinky. He likes to tie girls up and drip candle wax on their bare skin. He likes to blindfold them and whisper nasty things in their ear. He likes to fuck them in the ass and pull their hair. He likes to bite and he loves going down. Lex likes being in control and he likes it when the girl's at his mercy. He likes to make her come really hard. He likes to fuck her mouth and come all over her face.  He likes to watch her get dressed afterwards, while he lies naked on the bed, totally comfortable, satisfied, completely detached. He goes to sleep afterwards and he doesn't dream.

I reckon he sees a prostitue at least once a week.

Comments? Questions?
Tags: character: lex luthor, tv: smallville
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