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Marlena Shaw!

Right, 19 said you wanted some Marlena, and that's good enough for me!

Let's start with one that toadstoolsmiles will know (Bex, it's the song from that KFC ad. Hamish cried when he first saw the ad because he doesn't like KFC being associated with Marlena, but I argued that the song made the ad really good and you know, KFC is tasty.) Anyway, you guys will love this one. It's even tastier than KFC.

California Soul


Marlena chats a lot and it's so fucking musical when she does it. Also? She's a comedienne. She made us laugh so much during her performance, with her stories and all the sexual innuendos. Anyway, this is a taste of Marlena telling a story before she launches into the singing, which is just divine. God, her VOICE. This woman was BORN to sing, to perform, I swear to god. It's so effortless and every note is just right.  According to Hamish this is 70s west coast jazz, and it's so very sweet.

Go Away Little Boy

You'll have heard this song before, probably.This is so laid back and soulful and just... cool.

Mercy Mercy Mercy


Okay, fuck this song rules. It's eight minutes of just incredible singing and improvisation and if you haven't heard it before you WILL recognise the line near the end that was sampled by Blueboy in the song Remember Me, which is super famous. The line is, "Remember me. I'm the one who had your babies." Sound familiar? Just listen to the song (right to the end).

Woman of the Ghetto

(I'll upload the Blueboy track for you soon, when yousendit stops trying to fuck with me.)
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