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SV S5 Mercy

I'm pretty gleeful about this episode.

The clex is obviously something I'd like to mention. They're clearly ex boyfriends. Girlfriends. WHATEVER.

But yeah, when Lex talked about them not being in the same room as each other anymore and he was so hurt about it oh GOD. He WAS. He was hurt. Lex might be evil now but he still loves Clark.

Let's talk about what we didn't see everybody.

The ride in the Porsche.

Okay, we KNOW that ride wasn't slient. There were some conversations HAD. Oh god what did they talk about? Someone needs to write that scene. MAYBE ME. (sex lots of sex they had sex so much sex dirty car sex)

Where was I? Yeah, good ep. Lionel clearly loves Martha. They were sort of, don't you think, making Lionel a bit of a good guy and less of a threat, and LEX more of the, "I fucking know Clark is 'special' (not dumb, special) and I know you know and I am going to find OUT motherfucker" and Lionel is all, CLARK IS A FARMBOY.

The clumsy overuse of Lionel calling Clark and Lex "son" didn't go unnoticed. Because SV viewers are not blind and deaf (although we may well be retarded). See I liked it in Vengeance when Lionel called Clark "son" but tonight it felt like they were trying to beat me over the head with their point. THANKS. And OW.

It was relatively tense, although the fact that the villain was some nobody kind of left me a little meh. I get that Lionel fucks over nobodies all the time, but that first we get, ooh, maybe it's LEX (I so knew it wasn't gonna be Lex) to, OH. It's NO ONE. Kinda let the denouement down a little.

Mionel is still ringing my bell, and mostly because now we've been given a solid reason for Martha to care about him. He proved himself (to Martha) in this ep and the fact that Clark was smarter than me for once and had the idea that maybe Lionel set the whole thing up but that omg we don't know either way is awesome storytelling (for SV). WHAT WAS THE END ALL ABOUT? I swear to god if Lionel loses all his memories I'm outta here.

Clark is sooooooo hot when he's being threatening. Do not argue with me about that.

Why is Chloe so good at everything? I love Chloe I do, but come ON. She's hard to believe sometimes.

Look, the fact is, Lex is still completely obsessed with Clark, and although I found the brief Lexana scene almost ridiculously hot, it will still never never NEVER compare to the painfully erotic tragedy of our boys together.

I imagined all clex scenes in hot, amusing screencaps, btw.
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