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First, before I forget again, I need a beta(s) for my smutbox story. It’s RPS starring Tommy and Mike, but also featuring the Js and a few other people from the SV cast. Anyone game?


Sorry I didn’t post the Marlena Shaw songs last night. I had a fight with yousendit and yousendit kicked my ass. You’ll get them though, don’t worry.


Okay, I officially hate Grey’s Anatomy. I’m three episodes in and I really don’t know if I can watch it anymore. It doesn’t help that it’s on straight after House (my favourite! Along with Prison Break! Which I still haven’t seen, so tonight I get to watch Smallville AND Prison Break. \o/) but I just. I HATE IT.

It reminds me of Ally McBeal but more boring. And what’s strange is that you people all love it! WHY? I need some reasons to not run away screaming next time it’s on. Feel free to spoil the fuck out of me in the comments if you think it’ll help. But I can’t see myself falling for this stupid show I really can’t.

Meredith is annoying. I can see why they cast her – she’s kind of exotically pretty but in a sweet way. I guess she’s meant to be likeable, but she’s about as convincing a doctor as Calista Flockhart was a lawyer. And they seem to be setting her up in a similar way – everyone and their dog is obsessed with Meredith and I’m already wondering why the hell.

The cute little doctor guy revealed that he has a boner for Meredith last night. WHO CARES. How is THAT going to pan out I wonder. Clearly it will never be reciprocated, because he’s not hot enough so the only way it can end is for him to admit his feelings for her, and for her to turn around and say, “I love you, but as a *friend*” YAWN.

The ex model is so fucking wet I want to stab her in the face.

The dialogue is SHITE and honestly, I need a *much much* hotter cast if I’m going to put up with bad writing.

I just don’t care. I don’t care about any of them. Except Sandra Oh.


I promised Ginger that I’d talk about porn today, so seeing as it’s Friday and everyone’s high on SPN and SV, I have a question about sex and the WB boys.

I was going to ask who the best in bed was but that’s boring because you’ll all just pick your favourite and it won't be objective. This question will force you to be objective. SO.

Who likes to get up to slightly crazy shit in bed? Who's the most adventurous? Who's the *filthiest*? Who loves sex so much that they'll do pretty much *anything*?

Who's the kinkiest boy?

Tom Welling
Michael Rosenbaum
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
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