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For Kassie...

I want to do something nice for a friend of mine who I just adore and she doesn't even like Clex. WTFISTHATALLABOUT? My only option is to... whore myself out to... 

I can't even say it. 


This is the first and the LAST Wincest you will EVER get out of me. It's not fic, don't worry. It's another dose of Kate screencappery! Twice in two days! 

From my favourite portion of Route 666. *admires suits*  (caps by dekolette)

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go...

It was a dark and stormy day. Sam was in a hurry to get dressed and out of the hotel room so they could go catch monsters.

"Yo!" Sam yells at Dean, who's taking his sweet time in the bathroom doing his hair. "You ready yet?!"

Dean strolls out of the bathroom looking foxy. Sam checks him out and gulps. "You look goooood," he says, quietly.

Dean doesn't disagree.

Oh God, Sam thinks. Was that too obvious? Does Dean suspect that I... Sam shakes his head quickly and looks back over at his brother. Who's...

Fallen asleep standing up! This can't be good.

"Uh, Dean?" Sam says tentatively. "Wake up, dude."

"Sorry. I'm just really tired. I had weird dreams all night. Dreams about..." Dean looks over at Sam and quickly stops himself from finishing the sentence. "Never mind," he says.

"I have weird dreams all the time, Dean!" Sam says happily. Bonding with Dean is fun.

In the car, they discuss their father and where he might be and what he might be up to.  They do this daily but neither ever get bored talking about it and it still makes Dean cry a little each time. Dean denies it of course, covering up his hurt with jokes, but Sam is very very sensitive and he can always tell.

Is it wrong that Sam wants to hold Dean's hand? He walks just close enough so their knuckles brush against each other and Sam's skin is starting to feel hot and prickly.

Sam glances over at Dean and admires his lips.

"Dean, do you think when we die we'll become evil ghosts?"

"Because I'm kinda worried about that."

"Stop right there," Dean says and they stop. "I don't wanna hear you talking like that anymore."

"You mean you've never thought about it?"

Dean shakes his head and licks his lips. "I'll tell you what I have thought about."

"Oh WILL you."

"I've thought about grabbing your tie and pulling you towards me so I can kiss the crap out of you."

"I knew it," Sam says smugly. "It's the suit isn't it. You can't resist me in the suit."

"How about we call it a day and head back to the hotel."

"I'll let you give me a sensual massage."

"A sensual what?"

"Oh Dean. You're so cute," Sam says fondly. "And you need to untuck your collar.""

"I really just want to get back now and do that massage thing, if that's okay with you."

"It sure is," Sam says, excitedly.

"Or maybe we can skip that part and get straight to the blowjobs." Dean's voice is low and deep and sexy.


"You heard me."

"Okay FINE. Let's go then." Sam feels a little dazed but that's probably because of his gigantic boner.

In the car, they discuss their father and where he might be and what he might be up to. 

Back at the hotel, they skip the sensual massage and get straight down to the sex, both knowing that only they can make each other happy. Or miserable. WHATEVER.


Tags: picspam, screencaptions, spn screencaptions, tv: supernatural
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