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SV S5 Fragile


I loved the Lexana. LOVED IT. I found it super hot and I thought it was a really well written, acted and directed (*g*) scene. Exactly what I was hoping for.

I liked that Lana was saying all that shit out loud about them just being friends and you know, saying it over and over again, to Chloe and then to Lex.

Methinks the ladie doth protest too much.

And Lex could tell.  He was like, I suspect this time when I kiss her, she ain't gonna complain.  He played her and he played her perfectly.  So for me it wasn't jarring at all when she turned around and pounced. Lex is completely irresistably sexy and hot. Of course she wants to bone him. And his little triumphant look at the end was TEH SEX.

Running away afterwards was very Smallville. I think I would have preferred it if they'd actually fucked. But I'm also happy to see how it plays out now. I mean, Lana is obviously going to be freaked, while Lex is just biding his time. Waiting for her to not be able to help herself. Predator indeed.

Right, anyway.

I don't know how Smallville manages it but it seemed like this episode went on for a million years. I enjoyed many of the scenes but the pacing was off or something. I mean, the A story was pretty much a retread of shit we've seen a thousand times on SV (my heart sank at the first shot - a closeup of an obviously going to be a mutant guest star. And a child to boot.) but I actually quite liked the way it was handled. Mostly because it was a great vehicle for Tommy to be just fabulous.

The love story between Clark and Maddie was the sweetest thing ever. Dad!Clark is very sexy. Don't you think? I mean, he's just so great with kids and that's attractive. Very attractive. I loved every inch of Clark in this episode. (And he looked beautiful.)

Child actors usually piss me off but Maddie was pretty likeable. And CKR was *awesome*.

Okay, Chloe was an idiot for going to Lex and deserved everything she got.  And Lex is such a bitch. (MR being camp pleases me greatly.) His jibe at Chloe about never being in a serious relationship was LAME (but effective). Even better than that though was his insinuation that she's a big dyke. "I'm starting to understand why you don't have a boyfriend." HAHA. Yeah. That's *hilarious*. Why was Chloe acting like a jealous girlfriend? "Getchaw hands off my woman, bitch."

In conclusion, I LOVE CLARK AND LEX.
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