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CSI Spinoffs!

I like CSI.

I don’t love it. I like it.

It’s all case, suspense, pretty: 90% formula… 10% character. Fine, it works, although that’s the reason I can take or leave it. And the original show boasts such a charming cast, headed by that wonderfully sexy weirdo, William Peterson. Gruesome Grissom, the entomologist. Yes yes, I’ll get sucked in like anyone with a penchant for the glossy.

On the other hand, I fucking hate with a passion the two spinoffs. David Carruso is one of those actors who *offends* me. I *resent* having to see his scraggy face on my television screen. And that thing he does with his voice which I think he thinks is cool but which instead just fills me with rage? I’d like to give *him* an autopsy.

Then there’s CSI NY, which I watched for the first time all the way through last night. OH. MY. GOD. I am never watching it again. Mostly because of the embarrassing dialogue and overuse of bad puns. Like, ha, like when they’re inspecting the body of a DJ who got murdered and the pretty young Brooklyn cop is all, “they’re called turntableists now.” And Gary Sinese, haha, goes. Ha. He goes, “Looks like someone turned the tables on him.” Hahahaha.

Then, in another scene where they’re processing the murder of a fashion designer and they find her personal organiser and one cop says to the other, “She probably had her whole life in that thing” (or something), and the other cop says, “I bet she didn’t have this on the agenda.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Stop! You’re killing me! Hahaha. Haha. Ha. *leaves the room in a huff*
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