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Mikey loves Tommy! And vice versa! PLUS pics of my honey!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about that MR interview where he said: "On my one day off in Vancouver, on a rainy, foggy day -- no pun intended -- I went and saw 'The Fog.' When Tom was in the shower scene, I called him. I go, 'Tom, I'm halfway through your movie, dude. You look so hot in the shower.' " 

And then there was:  "I'm very supportive. And Tom saw me in 'Sorority Boys' four times."

Why aren't you RPS people going nuts about that? COME ON. That's GOLD. It certainly couldn't have come at a better time for me because I'm writing a smutbox story about those two and now I have proof that A) Mikey thinks Tom looks hot wet and naked (of course he thinks so, he's got eyes) and B) Tommy will sit through a shitty movie FOUR times just to see Mike dresssed as a girl. I haven't seen either film, btw, but I know for a fact that they both SUCK. That's love people.

To celebrate, here are some pics of my favourite pretty boy, sent to me by a lovely friend of mine, who prefers to remain anonymous.

You can't go wrong with Clark in a suit. God he makes me laugh. He looks so forlorn and confused. *pets pretty Clark*

Is he drunk? Is he faking that laugh? Who the fuck is that short unnattractive guy?

WTF is he DOING? Is he putting the shirt ON? STOP IT. LEAVE IT OFF.

He looks tired, he needs a shave, he needs a haircut and yet... he's still hotter than everyone else ever. HOW?

That's more like it. All naked all the time please and thank you.

Hee! I have nothing to say about this one.

This shot alone makes me want to see The Fog. His hotness is intense.

A classic screencap. This not only confirms Clark's gay love for Lex (he's staring at Lex here), it is a prime example of his blowjob lips.

Okay, when I have a day to spend searching for Tommy/Clark pics, I will do a whole picspam of profile shots because omg LOOK at the perfection.

If you don't find Tom attractive you're insane, btw. The END.

Me and Caroline were talking to one of the coolest professors in our department, Madan, about this other guy who's like a visiting academic and we don't like him at all because he's creepy and we told Madan something he'd said and I was like, "Yeah, there was no reason to say it. It was weird. He's weird." And Madan goes, "He's not weird, he's a pervert." We laugh and Madan says, "Weird are the people you can't explain."  I like that.

PS. Has anyone heard from Becky? I'm getting kinda worried.
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