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It's all fun and games until someone gets accidentally choked to death

I ended yesterday's post with the question, "what's not to love about porn?" or something. Ummm.

You remember that on Sunday I was out with the boys (my flatmates) and I was talking to Pete about porn and he lent me some pornos; one dvd, which I've been watching bits of all week, and two videos, both starring Rocco Siffredi. I told Pete that I was enjoying Beautiful Girls 13 and he told me that the Rocco films were way better, so last night, I stuck in one of the Rocco tapes.

The verdict?

Rocco Siffredi scares the shit out of me.

Now I'm not exactly innocent when it comes to sex and porn and I know that there's a dark side to the world of pornography, but mostly I've managed to avoid the nasty stuff. I've seen a respectable number of pornos over the last ten years, but they've all been relatively tame and girl friendly (and hella boring after a while). Fanfic is much better, natch. 

I can honestly say, although I know it exists and although I know Rocco is mild compared to what's available if you're really looking, I've never seen anything like it before. I didn't even make it to his money shot because I had to turn it off and I won't be watching any more of it (probably).

It starts and I'm initially excited because Rocco is hot. He's got a sexy face, a nice body and a big pretty dick. He's got two whorish looking girls on his arm and they're wandering through the streets of Paris, they take a ride on a ferris wheel on which they lick his cock for a bit and he tells them they're nasty girls and it's all very good so far. Then they arrive at the costume party/orgy, where there are a bunch of other men and a few girls and things pick up quickly. Rocco has his bitches up on a stage and soon one of them is sucking him off.

Okay, in most porn films, the blowjob is for show only - I'm often dubious about the girl's technique and whether what she's doing is actually working that well for the guy. Same with kissing in porn. And cunnilingus. Is anyone actually getting off here? Anyway. One thing I've NEVER seen before (although I write about it all the time) is a man *fucking* a woman's mouth. God.

When this started to happen in the film, my jaw dropped and my body tensed up. I was completely shocked. Black makeup running down her cheeks because of the tears in her eyes. I could hear her gagging and choking and he *didn't stop*. He just rammed his cock into her throat again and again and again and he told her to "take it all baby, take it all" and there's no WAY he wasn't doing some damage.  Btw, the film is called "Animal Trainer 4".

It was so strange. I was already kind of turned on but I became increasingly disturbed as the scene went on. And it went ON. The relief was palpable when he finally stopped and moved to the other girl and started fucking her. I figured nothing could be as bad as the mouth fuck from hell. But Rocco moved to her ass after a matter of seconds and omg, he fucked the shit out of her for so so long, that again, I just can't help wondering about the damage it was doing to her internal organs. A hand wrapped tight around her throat, cutting off her air supply as he pummeled her. I mean, these girls were being treated worse than dogs. I was watching and thinking, there would be nothing worse in the world than being one of those women. That's what you do right? Being a woman, it's impossible not to put yourself in their shoes and my god, I'm still pretty freaked. Rocco spitting in her mouth. Rocco's cock still in her ass, as guy after guy came over and came on her face and in her eyes. And it wasn't hot; it was grotesque.

[Does anyone remember Peter North? Famous for his incredible money shots? It's been a good ten years since I last saw a Peter North film but god he was amazing. The sheer amounth of jizz he produced... But when he came it was filmed attractively and it was totally sexy and impressive.]

Rocco is a real porn star. He's captivating and flithy (fucking one girl's ass then shoving his cock into the other girl's mouth) and he loves every minute of what he's doing. He's in control. He's the master. But he doesn't give a flying FUCK whether anyone else is having a good time. *shudders* He is a scary, scary man.

And yes, my flatmate Pete is a huge fan.


When we were chatting on Sunday night he told me that sometimes he worried that he was kinkier than other people, and I dismissed him with a condesending laugh and said, you're not kinky. If you want to feel normal, go read my Enyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices and you'll realise that what you're into is nothing. The truth is, becoming an amateur pornographer over the past half year has possibly made me a little big for my boots and I was all, I'm the freaking queen of smut, you can't shock ME. Well I've definitely been knocked off my high horse.  So I wrote felching into a story. Big fucking deal. My flatmate is into watching women getting treated like animals.

That's another thing. I'm more open than most people when it comes to talking about sex right. But actually, I'm really not interested in finding out my friends' darkest kinks. What the fuck do I say to Pete about this? "Thanks for the loan, you can have these back now, you sick fuck"? It's not that I'm surprised (people never surprise me. If it's something I didn't know about them before, my reaction is invariably, yep, that fits), it's that I didn't need to know it at all.  

So I've been trying to calibrate my thoughts all morning. It's not as if I'm outraged and I don't begrudge people their sexual kinks, no matter how sick. But it's different from erotic literature right? You like reading about Harry getting his mouth fucked ragged, okay then. But if you like watching chicks being abused, then yeah, actual abuse has to take place.

Does the fact that the women consented to be in the film make it okay for them to be treated like that? 

Would you feel differently about a friend if you found out they were into slightly dodgier porn that you are? 

Would it make a difference to you if this happened in gay porn? As in, if it were men being treated like animals and not women? (For me, I think I would find it less disturbing.)

Do you have any moral problems with porn like that? Do you prefer not to think about it?

Possibly a more lighthearted post later on in the day, if I have time. But for now, let's get serious!
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