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It's all about the porn...

I love living with boys. We were all out tonight for Hamish's birthday and I spent most of the evening sitting on the couch next to the fire talking to Pete (my other flatmate) and ignoring all of Hamish's friends that I didn't know very well, and naturally, Pete and I started talking about porn and he mentions his porn collection and I'm all,

"What the fuck? Why don't I know about the porn collection?"

And he's like, "I have a lot of porn which you'd probably like."

"I like anal. If there's no anal in it, it's not porn. I have this one porn film and it's quite good for a while; the girls are really foxy [although the guys aren't so much], but every scene is the same! And there's no anal! It's boring after a while."

"Ohhhh. Well I *definitely* have one you'll like."

Later, at home...

Pete checks a couple of his videos and hands me one dvd and two videos which could be anything, but the dvd is called...

Beautiful Girls 13
Gorgeous Girls Who Crave Cock Up The Ass!

I just. I cannot even WAIT to watch this film, because all the *completely graphic* screencaps on the back of the dvd... well now... I pretty much know what I'm getting here, and what I'm getting is a whole lotta ass porn.

Apparently the two videos I got lent star Pete's favourite porn star, Rocco Siffredi. (omg do NOT enter that site if you're at work.)

If you do happen to have a look at the site, can I just say, the girl in the picture on the bottom right of the picture grid thing, is REALLY NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL UGH.

Anyway. I'll end this post with something meaningful shall I.

Blowjobs rule! *points at icon*
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