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CSI, Friends, being a chick and the Big Bang

How much of a dork does it make me that I planned this post in bed last night before falling asleep? Don't answer that.


I was supposed to ask this ages ago for a friend of mine but I totally forgot. Does anyone know of anyone who writes (good) CSI slash (Grissom/whoever)?

I love Nick Stokes. George Eads is such a warm actor and he has lovely chemistry with everyone he acts opposite, and when they give him emotional shit to do, he really cuts me up. I found the Tarantino episodes incredibly harrowing, largely because of his amazing performance, and in last night's episode, he made me cry! I'm glad we saw a bit of aftermath to his ordeal because CSI generally sucks at character development and dude, he was buried alive and then eaten by ants. I'm surprised he didn't quit his job and go live by the ocean. Man.  Also, even though he's a squareheaded shortass, I find him hot.


Earlier in the evening I saw the episode of Friends, probably called The One With the Cheesecake, and in it, Phoebe has one night with her ex honey, David, before he has to fly back to Minsk, and it's really sad, and that made me cry too!

Being a chick

What the fuck is going on with me when Friends and *CSI* makes me cry? Am I pre menstrual? I don't even know. I'm not really in tune with my body. I don't have a clue what my cycle is or how anyone can know that. I just float along in life, my period turns up and I go, oh great. This thing again.

SV Big Bang

OMG today's the last day to sign up and I really wasn't even considering it because the longest story I've written is about 6000 words and I use the term "story" loosely. But then I think that maybe I might regret not at least attempting to do something that's not purely about filthy sex. You know?  EEP. I think I shall spend all of today thinking about it.
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