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Last Night!

  1. Orson the cat likes chocolate. What? That's weird, right? Chocolate. A chocolate eating cat. Also, the little shit got it all over my top.
  2. I'm feeling rather ambivalent about the whole Big Brother saga that got me in such a tis the other day. On the one hand I hope the show burns in hell, and on the other hand I don't give a crap.
  3. I like Lost a lot, and suspect it's just going to get better. Matthew Fox is hot and the crim is a woman. Called Kate. I am all *over* that action, although I found the actress a little bit gloomy and not likeable. Pah.
  4. Michelle is way too obsessed with finding herself a boyfriend, and sorry, but I find it such a boring topic of conversation. Yeah, I get that you're lonely and horny, but what the fuck am I supposed to do about it? Or say? So I end up nodding sympathetically and dying of irritation inside.
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