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Two small things...

Orson the cat's owner, Katie (who, fyi, I now hate with a passion) has, after 7 months of leaving him in our care because she was staying in a cat-unfriendly house whilst trying to *buy* a house, has now moved in to her new house. And she wants him back. I have a voice mail message to prove it. She wants him back *soon*. As in, if I called her now, she might come over *tonight*. And I can't call her now because I love Orson and I hate her and I don't want to lose him. Yet I have no choice. She's taking him away. She's taking *my* cat away from me. Why do we get so attached to animals?

We all love Orson. Hamish keeps trying to come up with plans; ways for us to keep Orson, and short of killing Katie, nothing is really viable. I'm going to lose him and I'll probably never see him again (Katie is not a friend of mine, she's a friend of Pete's, my other flatmate). I think I'll have to get myself a cat but I can't imagine a better cat than Orson: the funniest, fattest, sweetest, prettiest, coolest cat to ever walk the planet (apart from Keegan and Zico, my childhood cats [RIP *cries*] who are the all time greatest). Basically, I'm heartbroken. I don't know what I'll do without him. When he stayed the night at the vet's the other day, the house felt so *empty*. Incomplete, somehow. I'm just heartbroken.

Shit. I've forgotten the other thing. Sorry.
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