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And furthermore...

I'm still enraged.

I went for a long walk to try and calm down but I just got madder.

I think because I worked out why I was upset and I feel totally justified.

Sexual Assault = Wrong, in my book. And that's not a fucking matter of opinion. That Caroline even argued with me at *all* is what's really yanking my chain. I didn't tell her in order to have an argument. I told her because it's horrible and hey, don't you agree that it's horrible?

I mean, the chick actually *watches* Big Brother and that's what bothers me the most. That she's just a typical member of the public who views the contestants as sub human, only there for our entertainment, not deserving of protection. They're lambs to the goddamn slaughter and I don't care how much a person is warned. It's simply not okay to abuse *anyone*. Period.

I've watched the show in the past. And I hate the contestants as much as anyone. But what I hate more is how they're treated. Call me crazy.
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