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I just turned down an invitation to go to the movies next Monday, to see Walk the Line (which I really want to see Johnny Cash yayyyy!) because, uh, I don't go out on Mondays anymore. 9pm Smallville, 10pm Prison Break, 11pm Supernatural. It's not even up for debate. I said to my friend, I'll go any other day but not Monday. Which is annoying because of Monday Movie Madness at Hilary's local cinema, which means cheaper than the usual total rip off, but um, I don't go out on Mondays anymore the end.

Smallville S5 04, Aqua

Aquaboy aside, this episode rocks so much and I'm a big fan of it. It's all comic-booky and fun and sexy as hell, and ho yeah, very very gay. It gets so much right, from the blatantly pervtastic filming of the gorgeous cast (Lois in a bikini [twice] is just special); so many lingering shots of hot wet bodies... To the story itself which was actually quite brilliant: Lex is very villainous in this story. He don't care about no fish! All he cares about is power and money (and Clark). Clark - who defends him to Fine for some reason (true love) - spends a lot of time at Lex's, either asking him for favours or telling him he still cares about him. We know, baby! (After the last Clex scene, I turned to Hamish, who is planning to keep watching with me, all because of Lois, and screamed, "They're so in love with each other!" and Hamish replied, "No they're *not*, Kate." And I think I might have glared then. "Yes. THEY ARE." And I don't want to say I was being threatening or that I sounded menacing, but he pretty much shut the hell up after that. *wins*)

Lex is just *sublime* in every single one of his scenes - I love pissed off, ruthless Lex (seeeexy) and he should torture someone in every episode goddamit. EVERY EPISODE. Coz, you see, I've watched that particular scene, uh, more than once, but this was only the second time I've watched the whole ep all the way through and I have to say, the torture is so much better in context. Because you really feel that Aquaboy deserves it and that Lex has every right to... be that... *eyes glaze over*... that hot... yes.

Why oh why oh why couldn't they have cast a, you know, actor in the role of Aquaboy? WHY? How hard is it to find someone who can act? Apart from anything else, he was omg not hot in any way whatsoever. YICK. And poor old ED. She tried so hard to be interesting and have chemistry with him, but their kisses made me want to barf. Also, oh god yeah (*remembers and is amused*) Clark really couldn't get any gayer. Just to mention the whole bikini-clad Lois thing again, um HELLO CLARK. Are you *blind*? Check her out! She's as foxy as chicks get, but Clark is immune. Jealous of her paying attention to someone else, but in a girly way, not a manly, heterosexual, those-tits-are-mine way. But with Lex? Clark's all, "I defended you." Deep, deep stare into Lex's eyes. They're so in love.

Prison Break S1 02, Allen

Ooh, the black gang vs white gang episode with omg the most kickass soundtrack ever. Any suggestions where I might find out about the music on PB?

Here we meet creepy T-Bag, and we get to see Michael looking beautiful and being charming and cocky and then, uh, everything goes to shit. We shall soon see that this is typical of PB to the point of formula: things go right, things go wrong, the whole thing seems impossible, but it's very very exciting the entire time. I think the casting of the inmates is generally brilliant. I mean, these guys seem like actual scary guys. (I was watching 50 Cent's jukebox on Sunday afternoon, where he plays a bunch of his own music vids and a selection of other artists who he likes, and he picked Michael Jackson's Beat It - which fuck me, is just one of the greats, I love eighties Mikey very much - and the gang members in it? They don't look scary anymore. Did they ever look scary? In the eighties, were these the kinds of guys you'd do your best to avoid on the street whilst out walking the dog? GO WIDE. Or did they always look like gay dancers? *shrugs*)

All the prison stuff and the fight and the murders and then the, eeeeep, toe severing (!) were excellent yes. The lawyer bitch cunt fuckwit whore can still die though. She cannot act AT ALL. Like, AT ALL. It frustrates the fuck out of me. That this generally fantabuloso show could have fucked up such a crucial piece of casting.

Anyway, it's getting teased a bit here for taking itself so seriously but really, what else can they do? You have a premise like that you have to commit to it and go, this is the world we're living in and yes it is very serious and lots of people die horribly and that's not funny.

Supernatural S1 02, Wendigo

I remember this! This is when I still preferred Dean to Sam, and what's weird is, going back and watching again, despite my crazy Jared love, I still preferred Dean in this episode. Which makes me wonder how much the boys have changed in the space of half a season and I'm looking foward to rewatching and finding out when it is exactly that Sam becomes the more attractive one. Because really, Dean is fucking hot in Wendigo. Not just his prettiness, but his funny. He's a very funny guy! Is he still that funny? I don't remember him making me laugh that much recently, but last night, Hamish and I were cracking UP at him, like, all through the episode. His line reading of, "I've never been this honest with a woman," beat, "ever," is comedy gold. I can see Jenny struggling with a lot of the chick-flick dialogue he's forced to utter in Dean's heart-to-hearts with Sam, but he does a good job of not seeming, like, completely gay. *miracle*

Why do Sam and Dean talk about their feelings so much? I don't need to have it spelled out to me. They keep repeating themselves and it's so un-boy-like. Yeah, I fucking *know* your girlfriend's dead, you're looking for your dad, you're trying to find the thing that killed your mom etc, you're unhappy, you're OMG SHUT UP YOU HOMOS. The deep conversations between the boys would be so much more effective if they didn't happen every five fucking minutes.

One thing I did appreciate in Wendigo was the guest chick. Who was... wait for it... a brunette! I didn't. I didn't even know they existed in SPN. And she was cool and not dumb and she had great chemistry with Jenny.

And that wrapped up possibly the greatest night of television programming in the history of ever.


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