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An Ode to Drunk Lex

Drunk Lex is really sexy. I can't help it; I really, really love Lex when he's drunk. Even when he's not being cool and suave, or maybe especially because of that. Drunk Lex makes me *feel*. He's rawer, more vulnerable, more honest, more tactless; his emotions are much closer to the surface. We get to see Lex's pain on display when he's drunk and it cuts deep. Drunk Lex is *funny* and a little needy and a lot crazy. Drunk Lex doesn't slur his words because he's too controlled for that. But he talks a little slower, a little sleepier than usual. I just watched the scene again. GOD. Drunk Lex is still sharper than *anyone* else ever. And finally, Drunk Lex is ohmyfuckinggod so PRETTY.

Please to look at teh pretty. (caps by oxoniensis):

I ask you. How does Lana spend so much time with him and not just *jump* him? Is she *frigid*?

Hands up who loves Drunk Lex!
Tags: character: lex luthor, picspam, tv: smallville
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