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Me again!

Yeah, it might be one of those days where I spam LJ. But this is important!

See, you might or might not have noticed that I'm a huge spaz. I get by okay, but I'm not one to think very deeply about many things. Which is why, for MONTHS, I posted my stories here *incorrectly*. Only recently, it was pointed out to me that posting stories using the "rich text" mode was retarded and the very reason I had to split short stories up into parts.

So today I have been super, super productive and I've gone back and done some editing and now all of my stories come in one part, for *your* enjoyment.

Please admire my brilliant fic filing in my memories, paying special attention to Caught, Control and Without You, which you'll remember, *used* to be split up into parts.

I feel a curious mixture of ashamed and proud.

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