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What now?

  • My foot is nearly better. This is either because it wasn't really that injured in the first place or because I have super healing powers. *is awesome*
  • I wrote a story which I'd like to post tonight or tomorrow because of svmadelyn 's 100 ep party. *shines party shoes*
  • I have no idea where toadstoolsmiles  is and she said she'd beta for me, but if she doesn't turn up, is anyone else available to have a quick look? It's really short (3K words) and it's Clex and it's smutty. I know! Hold on to your seats! I wrote PORN. *everyone dies of shock*
  • No new SPN last night? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? (by "you people", I mean the American tv programming fuckheads who can't just play a season of television all the way through. WHY? That's RETARDED. ) *kills everybody*
  • Desperate Houswives is on tonight. SIGH. I don't know why I do it to myself. I watch shows I pretty much despise, just because it's the done thing. I mean, DH is a show my *parents* think is "excellent". Wow. I didn't mean to but I just made my parents sound like total morons. Sorry Ma and Pa! I was kidding anyway. I'm pretty sure they didn't use the word "excellent". But I think they did say they "love it". *slaps parents*
  • I'm bulleting all my points today as a tribute to jekesta , who I love because she never fails to make me laugh. *bullets points*
  • I haven't done a single fucking thing today, except finish my story, comment in LJ, and post this. Seriously. That's all I've done. *wonders why I've never been fired from a job*
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