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OMG when is Kate gonna shut the fuck up?

I made this joke in the comments of my last post in response to gorgon_mythos:

"Kate's next post:

Poofic is the new rapefic. Discuss."

And then giggleloop said: "lmao, and also, please, no. please to not be starting that discussion kthxbye."

So I decided to make a post about it! HAHAHAHA. Read it and weep.

See, it's FINE to talk about your love of rapefic (I'm using this term now, instead of noncon, because it's more accurate. The other noncon fic I've read has not *really* been noncon). That's an acceptable kink, which, you know, I'm actually grateful for because fandom is a wonderful place to, in certain ways, be honest about things you might not otherwise admit to in RL. I've done a bit of a 180 here, I know, but that's because I've been thinking about it and I've read a LOT of different povs on this matter over the last few days (in other ljs mainly). The main thing that stuck with me is that, yes, certain people DO find rapefic hot and there are *reasons* for that. Who the hell am I to say what someone can or can't find erotic? My work mates think I'm weird for loving slash and they're wrong. Which means that, yes, *I* was wrong.

Now, let's talk about coprophilia. That's really *not* an acceptable thing to admit to being into, now, is it. I have never met a person who's said, yeah, shit rings my bell. But it exists, people *are* into, they're *allowed* to be into it, and yet, NO ONE talks about it.

I'm not complaining about that - I don't want to talk about coprophilia (even though I am right now). But in future, I will try not to judge quite so quickly, because maybe the poo fan has some history with his mommy, who used to crap all over him five nights a week for thirteen years so the only way he can get an erection is... you get the picture. It's all good. Of course, there might be a shitload of shitfic out there that I'm not aware of. (That's not a request for recs, fyi.)

Sex isn't always fun. Sometimes it's dirty in all the wrong ways.

Next post:

Paedophiles are just misunderstood!
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