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I left the house last night. That was weird. My flatmate made me go to a movie with him, and I feel good about that. I saw Factotum, in case you care. It was really good.

I've been watching My So Called Life a LOT. I completely love it but I have one small complaint.

Rayanne. The whole thing about her being an alcoholic/drug addict at the age of 15 is the one thing about MSCL that doesn't ring true with me. Americans have a weird attitude towards drugs and boozing. It's like, if you get drunk every day for a week you're a alcoholic. If you smoke a joint you'll end up a heroin addict. If you try heroin once, you're a junkie and you're addicted because it's THAT addictive. This is such bullshit and I hate the way the American media perpetrates this lie, because lying to people about shit like that is not how you solve problems - what happens when a kid smokes a joint and doesn't die? You know, just has fun, laughs his/her ass off, and has no desire to go and smoke crack? They go, huh, everything I've been taught about drugs was BULLSHIT, so why should I listen to anything my parents/teachers/the media says on the subject? 

Do you know how difficult it is to become an alcoholic? It takes YEARS of practice. Watching a 15 year old knock back vodka like it's water, in school, is soap opera material, and MSCL is better than that. Then of course, there's the obligatory party, overdose, near death, stomach pumping episode, which results in the 12 step programme, just so we REALLY get the message. I dunno, maybe the school I went to was too good, but that's just not something that has ever happened in my life ( to anyone I've known) and I've been around the block many, many times. Also? Rayanne's mother is NOT a good mother. She's a good friend. A good mother would not stand by idly and watch her daughter self destruct like that. Sorry, but that's BAD PARENTING.

The Christmas special also really sucked. But otherwise, it's one of the best shows I've ever seen.

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