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Okay, it's no secret that I hate Supercraptural and yeah, I'm glad it's not on again until January so I don't have to suffer through it, but the thing is, Jared is REALLY HOT. I find him so sensual and gorgeous and I find it easy to imagine him fucking.  This is a good thing. Now, I haven't read much SPN fic, but if the story I just read is anything to go by then I may yet fall for this stupid, stupid show.

That Old Slippery Slope, by scribblinlenore

This is the first genderswap fic I've ever read, because guys as girls isn't (wasn't) really a kink of mine, so I always avoided them, but what a fool was I! Genderswap fic could be the new RPS! Anyway, you guys know I only rec stories that are super, super hot, so get reading if you haven't already!

Right. I need some Sam/Jared icons ASAP.

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